Brinkley Davies

Brinkley Davies is an Australian surfer and marine biologist. 

Brinkley’s initial fascination with the sea was cultivated as a child, since then, everything in her life has revolved around her devotion to the sea and passion for wildlife.

Taught to surf by her parents at age 4, Brinkley has surfed ever since, sparking a deeper connection to wild places, learning to freedive at a young age, and now freediving at instructor level.

With a University degree in Marine Biology, Brinkley has over the years represented marine and wildlife conservation on a global level, and inspired many to follow in her footsteps.

Founding her own registered charity and environmental Non-Profit Balu Blue Foundation, in late 2016, Brinkley’s career maintains a strong focus on building the conservation projects within the organisation, including the inspiring story of #BunjiTheKangaroo, supporting wildlife rescue, marine conservation projects, and protecting native habitat.

Brinkley became a Jayco Vanbassador in 2021.

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