Our Sunshine Days

We are Nathan, Ashlea, Maveric, Tallow & Indigo. We live on the southern Gold Coast.

With three under two (the boys are twins!), we figured it was easier to holiday with our own car and caravan, than an aeroplane ride and a hotel room. We both grew up camping with our families and when we were 21, set off on a lap of Australia with our dog and camper trailer in tow. We loved exploring the beauty of our vast countryside together and knew when we had a family, it would be wonderful to show our children the wonders and beauty of Australia.

Ten years after our first lap. we bought our caravan, a 17ft Outback Expanda. Our first holiday as a family of five was when Indigo was 10 weeks old and the twins 23 months. With the amount of ‘stuff’ you must pack when holidaying with young children, we found it easier to have our ‘home away from home’ on wheels and be able to take all the home comforts along with us. Our children love their bunk beds and are always asking when our next adventure is. “Can we go on holidays?” is a very common question in our house!

We are now onto our second caravan, a 20ft Outback Expanda and love to get away to camp, 4WD and adventure. Luckily out children are not yet school-aged, so as soon as school goes back and term starts, we hit the road. We love the coast and the rainforest, so you will find us hugging the east coast of Australia, chasing waterfalls, sunsets and adventures with three young ones in tow.

We hope to see you on the road one day!