Raising of the Sons

Hey there! We are John, Amy, Jimmy (11), Angus (“Gus” 9) and Skipper (5).

We are an adventurous, effervescent family who loves the outdoors, sport and good fun.

Our passion for the outdoors stems from childhoods growing up on the Victorian Surf Coast and countless easter and summer camping trips with family and friends.

Inspired by Amy’s parents who travel yearly for months at a time we always knew we wanted to explore Australia’s heritage, create a deeper appreciation of our own backyard and celebrate the true magic of our country.

Tomorrow is never a guarantee. We didn’t want to wake up in 5 years with a life that is based on wishes or regret. So we made the decision, set the date and here we are! On the road for 12 months on a lap around Australia.

We purchased a pimped up 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser (“the Rig”) and because of Jayco’s Australia wide serviceability we chose the perfect van for our family. A 19.61-3 Jayco Journey Outback. A huge step up from our swags!

Life on the road is so freeing. Slowing down took a little adjusting but the simplicity is so refreshing.

We’d love you to follow us on our crazy adventure @raisingofthesons and if you see us around come say G’day.