Christmas desserts on the road

20th Dec 2019

The family and friends have been fed and watered and now it has come time to round the meal off with a little sweet treat. Does it get more festive than trifles and pavlovas? I don’t think so!

These two desserts are well known on an Aussie table, loaded with summer fruits and berries, cherries, peaches, plums and kiwis! Here are a few quick fire ways to have these done in advance so you can spend more time with your loved ones and less time in the kitchen.

1. Trifle.

BUY EVERYTHING- Now I know this isn’t a glamourous chef’s tip, but this will save you the time you can spend elsewhere and challenges you don’t need while preparing dessert from the camper. Just remember, you’re on holiday, it’s OKAY to take the easy street! How you choose to layer your trifle is up to you, there is no real right way to do it. I do keep mine child friendly and choose not to lash it with brandy, if you would like a tipple of brandy in your trifle, add it at the sponge stage. For me, I like to layer in this order. Sponge, fruit, jelly, custard, sponge fruit, jelly custard, whipped cream. Everyone will be different, no one is wrong! Once it is assembled pop it in the cooler to set up. A little tip for doing this on the road, build your trifle directly in a reusable airtight container. It won’t present with wow factor but, when you are done, simply put the lid back on and pop it back in the cooler for later.

2. Pavlova

Once again, buy mini meringues. Store-bought meringues are pretty good quality and it is how you finish them that will make the dessert. A simple pav will only have three ingredients – Meringue, fruit and cream, and that is all you need. Spoon whipped cream into the center of your pav, pile it high with your favorite summertime fruits and serve. Desserts on the road don’t get much easier than that! If you are looking to jazz it up a bit, finish the pavs with fresh passionfruit pulp and chopped almonds. Feeling festive? Soak some strawberries in your favorite Moscato or rose and leave them covered in the sun to soak up some that liquor. Reduce the liquid to a syrup and pour over the finished pavs. Naughty, but nice!

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