CV-19 Survey: Australians believe travelling on the road is the safest mode of transportation when it comes to domestic travel
As lockdown and restrictions begin to ease across the nation, a new consumer survey has revealed that when it comes to domestic travel and the recent COVID-19 outbreak, a majority of Australians believe that traveling on the road in their own vehicle is the safest way to get to their holiday destination.
Kalgoorlie mum transforms new jayco bought online into a caravan classroom
Kalgoorlie mum, Jihan Meenehan, becomes the first Jayco customer to purchase a brand-new caravan completely online through phone calls, video chats and emails, and transforms it into a home-school classroom for her daughter during isolation.
Jayco and let’s go motorhomes launch new rv lifestyle series as aussies gear up for road travel
As holidaymakers gear up their RVs, Executive Chef of The Prince Hotel, Daniel Hawkins and Host of iFishTV, Paul Worsteling have got travellers covered when it comes to fishing and cooking on the road in a new lifestyle series by Jayco and Let’s Go Motorhomes.
SOCIAL DISTANCING: Five ways to use your caravan during isolation by Jayco Australia
With the entire country implementing social distancing, travel restrictions in place, and caravan parks temporarily closed, road trips and domestic travel have been turned upside down.
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