5 Easy meals to cook in your caravan with The Blonde Nomads

12th Sep 2023

1. One tray wonder Egg n’ Bacon Deluxe

This recipe can be cooked in an oven, over the fire or on a BBQ.

Simply pop your bacon into a tray with a little oil so it doesn’t stick. Once the bacon is half cooked seperate the pieces with a few gaps, add in your mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes ( or even some pieces of Chorizo). Let them cook for about 2-5 mins then crack in your eggs, distributing them evenly around your tray. Cook until eggs are ready.

If your eggs need a little help to cook on top, pop the lid,  or some aluminium foil on top to help speed up the process. Serve with some warm toast or bread.

2. 3-Ingredient Dinner – Chicken and rice

This is best cooked in an oven or in a camp oven over the fire, or even your BBQ with the lid down.

You can impress your mates with this easy 3 ingredient dinner. Simply grab a ‘flat chook’ from the super market. These are usually pre marinated and we like to get the ones that have been de-boned but bones in works fine too.

Simply pop 2 Cups of rice into a baking dish, lay the raw chicken onto of the rice and pour 1 Litre of Chicken stock into the dish. We also like to use kitchen scissors to cut up the chicken into smaller pieces (approx 6) so it’s easier to serve up once cooked. Bake in the oven for 45mins – 1hr at 220 degrees, give it a stir halfway through and it’s ready to serve once the rice is cooked. Enjoy.

3.  Mexican Mix-up
This recipe can be cooked in an oven, over the fire or cook top

 This is your basic Mexican Mince/Chilli Con Carne. This consists of Beef mince, Crushed Tomatoes, Mexican Beans and a pack of Taco mix. We share our go-to recipe here.

 The best part about this dish is that you can ‘choose your own adventure’ on how you serve it up. You can have it in a ‘Mexy-bowl’ with salad and corn chips, as Tacos, In simple wraps or served with rice! It freezes really well and re-heats easy. It’s always a crowd pleaser in our Blondie tribe.

4. Tuna Pasta and Sauce – No Fridge needed

This recipe is cooked over a gas stove/or fire

 This is an easy one and always good to have as your last meal or a back up meal in the van when travelling. You simply have pasta shells, a large tin of tuna and a jar of Tuna bake mix. We simply boil the pasta, drain and then mix in the can of tuna and the pasta bake sauce. If we have a can of peas and corn we add this too for some ‘greens’. Mix all together and serve.

5. Van-Cakes

Remember this simple recipe: 1cup Flour + 1cup Milk + 1 Egg.
Simply mix together your ingredients and cook Van-cakes in a pan with a little butter. You can double of triple your batch depending on how many people you are feeding.

You can also mix in bananas or blueberries etc. into your batter but we prefer to add them on top once they are cooked with a bit of. Greek yoghurt and honey.