Construction you can rely on


At Jayco, we are dedicated to achieving manufacturing excellence in every facet of our RV design and construction. Our foundation is built on the principle that every component, every feature, and every element of a Jayco RV should embody a level of craftsmanship that sets new industry benchmarks. From the moment we conceptualize a new design to the final touch of the assembly line, our focus remains steadfast: to transform dreams into reality on wheels.

Hot dipped galvanised


First, the chassis is welded in our onsite chassis shop. Each chassis is then hot dipped galvanised for extra strength and durability. Described by independent testers as the clever chassis, as it offers superior strength coupled with a smart, lightweight design. PSC members that support the floor are stronger yet lighter than inferior box section steel while pressed holes offer protection for under-floor wiring and plumbing.

Independent coil


Next the running gear is fitted. This includes our JTECH 2.0 suspension (fitted to all models excluding touring and Bushpack) and purpose built to complement the Endurance chassis. JTECH was developed after an extensive two-year testing program covering thousands of kilometres on second class roads, JTECH suspension has been designed specifically to keep your Jayco strong and safe under harsh Australian conditions. Delivering greater stability, a smoother ride, more precise handling and increased ground clearance without increased ride height, it makes towing easier than ever before.



Then the tough, vacuum-bonded frame on all premium Jayco RVs consists of five major ingredients, which makes it superior compared to conventional aluminium cladded RVs. A body shell constructed using fibreglass, polypropylene and polystyrene foam provides Jayco RV’s better strength, lightness and insulation.

Built to last


Followed by Jayco’s cleverly designed cabinetry system which offers enhanced strength and durability with the use of 15mm wide interlocking carcass material. This carcass material results in a robust base cabinet that delivers prolonged longevity and increased. sturdiness so you can adventure in confidence.

One Piece


Finishing off the exterior of Caravans is Jayco’s distinctive one-piece domed pressed roof system. The design and construction of each roof has evolved overtime to deliver an improved product that has better water runoff capabilities, improved insulation and enhanced overall thermal properties of your Caravan.


Premium Power Management

Jayco have joined forces with Projecta to develop a premium and intelligent power system called Intellijay. It has significant benefits such as 30A smart charging, low batter protection and Bluetooth app that will show level or water, battery and power consumption.


Water Testing

As part of our quality assurance program, we have an onsite recyclable water testing facility that replicates a significant water event.

There are 80 nozzles where 7.2 litres per nozzle/per minute delivers the ultimate water test cycle. Each test lasts for 25 minutes equating to 14,400 litres of rainwater.

Testing Ground

Real world testing

With a core focus on research and ongoing development you can be assured Jayco products have been put through an intensive testing program that emulates the demanding conditions of Australian roads. Jayco models simulate 100,000kms of real road testing at Jayco’s testing grounds located in Anglesea, Victoria subjecting the RV to some of the most challenging conditions so you can be assured your RV will stand the test of time.


We take pride in the strength, security and quality of every Jayco RV built. All caravans and motorhomes undergo rigorous examination at our Quality Assurance Centre to ensure they meet our stringent requirements and each vehicle attests to the skill and attention to detail of our team.

Eliminate RV sway

Sway Command

When a Critical swerve or sway is detected, Sway Command® Tow Control partially applies the RV brakes. The caravan is pulled into line behind the tow vehicle eliminating the sway.

Electric Brakes

Stop with confidence

Electric brakes proportionally slow your RV as your car slows meaning shorter stopping distance and reduced risk of skids.



If a caravan accidentally separates from the tow vehicle, the system will activate the electric brakes and brake lights.