We are an Australian company for Australians. As a leading Australian company, we have the power to make a positive contribution. For more than four decades, Jayco has been actively giving back to the community, both locally and nationally. We are committed to making a difference to the lives of all Australians.



Jayco is a proud supporter of Australian athletes and advocates for women’s sports in Australia.

Jayco’s involvement in sport began in 1992 when the company supported an unknown female cyclist for the Barcelona Olympic Games. She went on to win an Olympic gold medal and Kathy Watt became an instant household name. Later that year, Jayco formed Australia’s very first professional cycling team comprising riders such as Olympic gold medallist Dean Woods and Scott McGrory.

Jayco has been instrumental in helping the sport of cycling grow in Australia over the past two decades and has supported numerous races throughout the country.

Today, Jayco supports a number of athletes and sporting teams, with a focus on cycling and basketball.