Caravanning Through Pregnancy with Jayco

15th Nov 2023

As the sun dips below the pristine beaches of Green Head, some 2.5 hours north of Perth, our little crew—my pregnant wife Irena, our loyal dog Odin, and I—settle in. This isn’t just any caravan adventure; it’s one we’ll tell our child about, how we roamed Australia’s breathtaking landscapes while they were still waiting to see the world.

At 23 weeks pregnant, Irena’s journey has been as smooth as the pop-top of our Jayco Journey Outback caravan. Despite not having specific medical restrictions, we’ve tailored our travel experiences to ensure her utmost comfort and safety—something Jayco understands well with their home-like amenities, even when you’re miles from the nearest town.

Comfort on the road is essential, especially for a soon-to-be mum. Our Jayco’s built-in shower and toilet aren’t just conveniences; they’re necessities, making the frequent breaks not just a relief for Irena but for Odin as well. And as for cravings? Our cupboards are stocked with an array that ranges from pickles to ice cream—whatever the little one demands.

Traveling while pregnant means staying connected—just in case. We venture only where the signal follows, our route well-planned, avoiding the untamed side tracks for now. This isn’t just about safety; it’s about keeping motion sickness at bay on well-worn paths, providing a smoother ride for Irena and the baby.

Odin, perhaps sensing the importance of this journey, has been a sentinel of calm. His usual zest for wild runs replaced by a serene presence, as if he knows he’s no longer the only one we’re looking after.

And yes, there’s a part of me that yearns for the unexplored paths, the secret spots whispered about around campfires. But the greatest adventure lies ahead—not on a map, but in the new life we’re about to welcome. For now, the beaten track holds more wonder than the most hidden trail ever could.

This trip is a lesson in patience, in the awe of life’s simplest moments. We watch the sunset, feel the baby kick against the palm of our hands, and know that some journeys are meant to be taken slowly, with full hearts and open eyes.

We’re traveling not just in a Jayco caravan but with Jayco’s spirit—embracing new life, new roles, and new perspectives.

Stay tuned as we continue our journey, and remember, the best adventures are sometimes the ones you never planned for.