Caravan of Conservation

Theresa and Ben Schlink are only too familiar with this beautiful country of ours. Together with their 4 young children and puppy – they have lived in their Jayco Expanda for more than 2 years, travelling right around Australia not once – but twice!

Originally from Victoria, Theresa spent her childhood caravanning with her family and holds the fondest of memories. “It instilled something in me from a very early age, it connected me with nature and gave me a very healthy appreciation for my surroundings. We are now extremely proud to share this passion with our children. Wide open spaces combined with front row seats to watch your babies grow up – it surely doesn’t get much better than this and we pinch ourselves daily!”

As they travel, they are also on a mission to spread awareness on the damaging effects of single use plastics. This dedicated family set up their market stall in every town they visit with eco-friendly products to show people how small changes can make big differences!

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Caravan of Conservation – you never know where they may pop up!