A Fam In A Van

We are Sarah, Xavier and Isabelle. Also known as A Fam In A Van.

We have been travelling Australia full time in our 22ft Jayco Starcraft for almost a year and have loved every minute of it.
So much so we have decided to spend another year travelling full time.

We left our home state of Melbourne when our son Xavier was just 3 and our daughter Isabelle was 6 months old. She has spent most of her life living in a van.

We have always loved camping and adventure and have always wanted to travel Australia. We just never thought we would do it with tiny kids.
After a few tragedies in our lives we have learnt early in life what is important; family. Also, that time is precious. So we decided to make the most of things and pursue our dream of travelling Australia and spending more time together as a family. We soon fell in love with a life living on the road. Especially with the comforts of a Jayco van.

Being able to spend this time together as a family, watching our kids grow and reach their milestones and having the opportunity to see and do together all the amazing things that our beautiful country has to offer has been the best time of our lives! From the stunning national parks to the picturesque beaches, we love it all!
We would highly recommend this lifestyle to anyone thinking of doing it. Especially with young kids. You won’t regret it. It’s an amazing experience for the whole family. Memories to last a lifetime!