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A guide to your Jayco RV: How to hitch your caravan

17th Nov 2021

One of the most exciting parts of caravanning is hooking up your caravan to your tow vehicle.

This signifies that your holiday is right around the corner.

It’s very important that you safely hitch your caravan to ensure that the vehicles are securely attached.

We suggest setting up your tow vehicle and caravan methodically, with no interruptions, to ensure each step has been completed.

A checklist is a great way to outline everything that needs to be done from start to finish.

In the following video, Chris will be demonstrating how to hitch your caravan on a Silverline Outback caravan.

This guide will ensure you have safely connected your vehicles before you and your family hit the road.

The following instructions are applicable to all Jayco RV’s with the standard coupling.

Step-by-step guide to hitching your caravan:

Step 1

Before hitching your caravan, make sure that your coupling is higher than the tow ball.

This ensures that when you’re backing up, your tow ball will sit underneath the coupling, which will make it easier to lower the caravan onto the tow ball.

Step 2

When dropping the van onto the tow ball, make sure you unclip the coupling at the top by pulling the lever.

Pull this upwards to lock it into place.

Step 3

Wind down the jockey wheel so that the coupling lowers on top of the tow ball.

Step 4

Once the coupling is sitting on top of the tow ball, release the lever and drop it down over the lock.

This will secure it in place by locking the coupling onto the tow ball.

Step 5

Safety chains must always be crossed.

Make sure you do this so that in the unlikely possibility that the van becomes disconnected, they will cradle the coupling.

You need to also ensure that you don’t have an excessive amount of length on your chains.

Step 6

When coupling this to your vehicle, make sure you use Rated Dee Shackles to connect these as it’s an important part of your breakaway system.

The caravan breakaway system is a safety measure which ensures that if your caravan happens to become uncoupled during towing, the electric brakes will switch on all wheels to keep your caravan from moving.

Step 7

Connect your 12-pin plug.

Lower the outer casing and insert the plug so that it’s firmly on.

Step 8

If you have an Anderson plug, make sure you insert this.

It will operate the power for your RV fridge.

Step 9

The reversing camera can also be connected if applicable.

This is a pigtail that will run between your tow vehicle and caravan.

Insert the pigtail into the tow vehicle and into the caravan.

Make sure you twist this to firmly connect it.

Step 10

Wind down and remove the jockey wheel.

Step 11

Don’t forget to lock off and close the jockey wheel clamp.

Step 12

Release the hand brake and triple check your connection to the tow vehicle.

That’s how you safely connect your RV to your tow vehicle.

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