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A guide to your Jayco RV: How to set up your Furrion TV

6th Oct 2021

Catching up on your favourite TV shows whilst on the road is a breeze with the Furrion 24” LED TV.

On days where it’s pouring rain or windy, quality entertainment will come in handy.

The Furrion TV delivers a sharp, vibrant, and detailed HD resolution, coupled with a digital sound processor which enhances and balances the audio for a superior experience.

This mountable TV includes advanced technology which protects it against shocks and vibration.

Whether it’s especially hot and humid or you’re experiencing sub-zero climates in winter, this device can withstand extreme temperatures.

The Furrion TV is a standard feature on Journey Caravan, Silverline, All Terrain Caravan, Basestation, Work N Play, All Terrain Pop Top.
OPTIONAL: Starcraft Caravan, Starcraft Pop Top, Expanda Caravan, CrossTrak, Camper Trailers, Journey Pop Top, Expanda Pop Top.

In this video, Chris will be demonstrating how to use the Furrion TV fitted in a 24.75-4 Silverline Outback Caravan.

Step-by-step guide to setting up the TV:

Step 1

We recommend that you do not travel with your TV mounted to the arm.

Once you have settled in at your desired location, you can mount your TV.

Begin by unscrewing the bracket that holds the TV support arm into the wall.

Twist this anticlockwise.

Step 2

Slide the bracket out.

Step 3

Twist the toggle on the right clockwise until it’s out as far as it can be.

Step 4

To mount your TV, slide the V-shaped bracket onto the TV arm.

Step 5

Tighten up the toggle to secure the TV in place.

Step 6

Plug in your coax and power cable.

You can also insert the RF cable if applicable.

Step 7

Push the TV back against the wall.

You can now click the power button to turn it on.

The Furrion TV will run on 12V while you are free camping.

However, please keep the draw on the battery in mind.

You will also need to tune your TV in once you arrive at your campsite.

For any other detailed information, please refer to the Furrion owner’s manual.

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