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A guide to your Jayco RV: How to use the Dometic gas cooktop and griller/oven combo

21st Oct 2021

There’s no better way to end a long day on the road than with a nice, hot meal.

This means that a spacious and practical cooktop is an RV essential.

Whether you’re looking to whip up a full 3-course meal or you want to quickly heat up some dinner, the Dometic cooktop has you covered.

This durable, easy-to-use unit includes a premium 4-burner gas cooktop, griller, and oven to cater to all your cooking needs.

All you need to do is stock up on some fresh goods and follow this simple guide to operate your unit.

In this video, Chris will be demonstrating how to use the Dometic cooktop griller and oven combo fitted in a 24.75-4 Silverline Outback caravan.

This is a standard inclusion in Jayco Silverline and Optimum Motorhome.

Step-by-step guide to using the Dometic cooktop griller and oven combo:

Step 1

To begin operating your oven, you must first lift the lid to turn off the gas safety feature.

This will reveal your 4 gas burners.

Step 2

The 4 gas burners can be operated using the knobs and the ignition switch on the far left.

Step 3

To ignite one of the gas burners, push the ignition and turn the knob for your selected burner at the same time.

Set this to your desired temperature.

Step 4

Below the knobs, you have the griller, with your grill tray inside.

Step 5

You will see the full oven underneath the griller, which includes a light.

Step 6

To ignite the oven, turn the oven knob whilst pressing the ignition at the same time.

Step 7

To ignite your griller, turn the knob whilst pressing the ignition at the same time.

Step 8

Once you have finished cooking, you can close the cooktop.

Only do so once the oven has cooled down.

Please refer to your owner’s manual for more details.

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