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A guide to your Jayco RV: How to use the pop-up power tower

6th Oct 2021

When you’re travelling with the whole family, you might be competing to use the available power points and USB ports to charge your devices.

This is where a pop-up power tower is a great addition to your RV.

This savvy and stylish tower provides additional ports, making travelling with multiple people a breeze.

The pop-up power tower is a standard feature on selected Silverline Caravans and Optimum Motorhomes.

In this video, Chris will be demonstrating how to use the pop-up power tower fitted in a 24.75-4 Silverline Outback Caravan.

Step-by-step guide to using the pop-up power tower:

Step 1

To raise your pop-up power tower, lift the front lever and pull the tower up until it locks into position.

Step 2

To put it back in place, simply press the orange lever at the front and slowly push it back down.

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