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A guide to your Jayco RV: How to use the portable 12V 55L fridge

25th Jan 2022

An external fridge is a versatile device that’s easy to use and operate.

These are fitted in our CrossTrak range, which is an ideal choice for outdoor adventure enthusiasts who love immersing themselves in the outdoor lifestyle.

Operating the external fridge is very simple.

In the following video, Chris will be demonstrating how to use the 12V 55L Sphere fridge fitted in a CrossTrak caravan.

These instructions are applicable to CrossTraks and JPOD Outbacks.

Step-by-step guide to using the 12V fridge:

Step 1

Open the door by twisting the black handle anticlockwise.

Step 2

Push down the blue lever to slide your fridge out.

Step 3

Once fully extended, the slide will lock into place.

This means that you will not need to worry about the fridge sliding back in if your van is situated on a slanted area.

Step 4

Release the lever on the bottom of the barbeque tray to drop it down.

If you own a Weber or Ziggy barbeque, you can make use of the additional cooking space.

Step 5

The 55 litre, 12 volt fridge fitted to your CrossTrak needs to be connected through a 12 volt socket located inside the trunk door.

Check to make sure it’s connected.

Step 6

This particular fridge has a skilfully designed opening lid which can be lifted from either side or removed completely in one simple motion.

Step 7

The control panel is located on the front end of the fridge and is very easy to use.

Simply hold the power button until the screen lights up to turn the fridge on.

Step 8

To set your temperature, hold down the ‘set’ button until the screen begins flashing.

You can choose whether you would like the temperature displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius by clicking set again.

Step 9

Adjust the temperature by pressing the plus or minus button.

You can also use the fridge as a freezer by decreasing the temperature.

Step 10

Once you have reached your desired temperature, click ‘set’ to lock it into place.

Your chosen temperature will be maintained even when you walk away from the fridge.

That’s how your 12V fridge will keep your food and beverages cold.

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