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A guide to your Jayco RV: How to use the rangehood

3rd Nov 2021

Cooking up a storm in your RV doesn’t mean you have to open windows to let the excess heat and steam out.

All Jayco RVs are fitted with a rangehood that can be used whenever you are operating the stove.

In the following video, Chris will be demonstrating how to use the rangehood fitted in a Jayco Journey Outback 19.61-3 Caravan.

These instructions are applicable to all Jayco Pop Tops select Jayco Caravans.

Step-by-step guide to using the rangehood:

Step 1

On the right side of your rangehood, you will find a light switch.

Switch this on to turn the LED light strip at the front. This will provide you with premium light exactly where you need whilst cooking.

Step 2

On the left side of your rangehood, you will find the fan button.

Switch this on to operate the exhaust fan.

Step 3

You can take out your filter for cleaning.

Gently push and release the filter to take it out.

Once you have finished, you can easily slide it back in.

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