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A guide to your Jayco RV: How to use your 240V microwave

22nd Sep 2021

Whether you want to cook a dish from scratch or heat up a ready to eat meal after a long day on the road, the microwave fitted in your Jayco RV will come in handy.

The Sphere 25L microwave is a standard inclusion in All Terrain Pop Tops, Journey Caravans, All Terrain Caravans, Starcraft Pop Tops, Journey Pop Tops, Expanda Pop Tops, Starcraft Caravans, Expanda Caravans, Work’N’Play Caravans, Basestation Caravans, and Silverline Caravans.

Not only is the Sphere microwave aesthetically pleasing and spacious, but it also includes five power level settings and a digital control panel screen to see and adjust the different functions based on your needs.

This model has been specifically designed for RVs, with a positive lock feature that keeps the door closed whilst you’re travelling.

Defrosting frozen food is made easy using the Sphere, with selections allowing you to easily defrost depending on speed or weight.

The microwave also includes one-touch express cooking, a dishwasher safe glass turntable, a child safety lock, and an end signal.

In the video, Chris demonstrates how to use the Sphere 25L microwave fitted in a Jayco Journey Outback 19.61-3 Caravan.

Step-by-step guide to using the microwave

Step 1

Get familiar with the functions and features of your microwave.


  • One-button express cooking
  • Easy to clean white interior
  • Finish time signal
  • Child safety lock
  • Safe Glass turntable
  • Easy defrost function
  • 12/24hr clock

Given that it’s a 240-volt appliance, you will need a generator to operate it whilst free camping.

We recommend removing the glass turntable from your microwave when travelling to ensure it does not get damaged.

Once you reach your campsite, place the glass turntable back into the microwave.

Step 2

To adjust the amount of time you would like your item(s) heated, use the circular dial on the right.

Step 3

Press on the ‘quick start’ button to begin the heating process.

Step 4

To remove your item(s) before the specified time is completed, simply click the ‘cancel’ button.

Step 5

The microwave includes a range of different functions you can use.

You can adjust the power level setting to your desired amount.

The Sphere microwave consist of five power level settings.

You can also use the defrost, express cooking and clock adjustment functions when needed by using their respective buttons.

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