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9th Oct 2019

When it comes to choosing which Jayco caravan or RV is right for you, we’ve made the choice easy. If you think you’re in the market for a smaller, compact model here are few of the key benefits to Jayco’s compact product offering:

1. Small to tow

Generally, Jayco’s compact models such as Jayco J-Pod or JTrak, are lighter in weight, which means it’s easier to tow. Towing larger caravans can be a hindrance to many people who aren’t too confident in towing a heavier load and compact caravans can be a great solution to enable your caravanning adventures.

2. Small in price

Ideal for entry-level caravanners or those who are looking for a more economical caravan option as Jayco’s compact products pack a lot of punch, many of which include the same features of a larger caravan but come with a much smaller price tag. A good example if this is Jayco’s CrossTrak 13ft model which has an ensuite, outdoor kitchen and leading JHub technology you would find in larger Jayco caravans.

3. Small to store

If you live in an inner-city suburb and never thought that owning a caravan would be an option due to lack of garage options…Jayco’s compact products will throw any of those preconceived thoughts out the window. The majority of Jayco’s compact caravans can fit easily into a carport or small garage which makes it a viable option for people with limited storage space.

4. Big in adventure opportunities

The beauty of a light-weight, easy to tow product is the ability to pack up and head away on a weekend of adventures in less time than it takes to prep a larger caravan. And if you have Jayco’s Work n Play, you can hit the road as soon as it’s tools down.