Best summer road trips, brought to you by the Bergs

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18th Nov 2021

Summer is rapidly approaching, which means it’s the best time to get out on the road and explore everything our beautiful country has to offer. We’ve had a chat with Jayco Vanbassadors, the Bergs, for a full low-down on the best family-friendly summer destinations and activities on the east coast.

The Bergs are a family of five who eat, sleep, and breathe the outdoors. Ironman veteran Wes Berg and wife Jade are at the helm of the ship, with their three children, Mila, Billie, and Tally. Regularly spending quality time outdoors, this family knows everything there is to know about planning the best summer adventure on the east coast.

With so much to do and see in the region, the Bergs have shared their valuable insight to help you plan your next journey.

Where are your top 5 summer holidaying destinations on the East Coast? 

There are so many breathtaking regions to explore on the East Coast, but we’ll take a deep dive into a few of our favourites.

Scotts Head, in New South Wales, is a picturesque spot for families to visit. With the beach stretching for several kilometers to the north, it’s an ideal location to enjoy the gentle waves and clean sand with the kids.

Crescent Head, also off the coast of New South Wales, is a laidback town, known as one of the most renowned surfing locations in the country. Our number one family activity happens to be surfing, so we love hitting the waves while we’re in this area. This spot also features stunning national parks for camping, bushwalking, and whale watching – perfect to tackle with the crew.

The coastal town of Cotton Tree in the Sunshine Coast has to be included in this list. It offers something for everyone – with both an idyllic beach and a river for sailing, windsurfing and even fishing! We also enjoy visiting local cafes and restaurants during our trips to say hi to the locals and enjoy a bite.

Only a short drive away from Cotton Tree is Dicky Beach, where we often visit to enjoy the activities and facilities on offer. With playgrounds, BBQs, and bike paths to explore, the kids are always having a blast.

Our final favourite destination would have to be Tallebudgera Creek on the Gold Coast. This family-friendly spot is well known for its sparkling creek, featuring Palm Beach on one side and Burleigh Heads National Park on the other. We love swimming, having picnics and enjoying different activities here.

What are your top activities for a summer caravan trip?

We’re quite adventurous and outdoorsy, so surfing, beach cricket, soccer, rock jumping, and snorkelling are at the top of our list! Anything involving the ocean is a hit in our family.

Breakfast at the beach is also one of our favourite rituals on holiday. We love cooking up a storm on our little gas cooker and enjoying some pancakes while watching the sunrise. Lastly, exploring our surroundings is also something we enjoy at every location we visit, and we’ve found that there’s no better way to do it than by taking a headland walk.

What makes caravanning perfect for our Aussie summers? 

The weather, the camping options, the beautiful spots to enjoy, there’s no shortage of things to do or places to explore. If you would like to go off-road, you can find fantastic campsites, if beach camping is your cup of tea, you’ll have plenty of options too.

We have explored the entire East Coast and all its hidden gems, and we have never gotten sick of it. We’re super lucky that we get to experience the most beautiful beaches in the world, with secluded locations to pull up and enjoy trail walks and private beaches. Australia is just perfect for caravanning!

What are your top tips for travelling in summer with a family? 

Wes recommends being aware of the winds and weather conditions, especially when setting up your van. It’s important to choose a site that doesn’t face the wind if strong wind conditions are predicted. We like to assess swell, winds and temperatures when picking a spot to set up and spend the day. No matter the weather, we always find the perfect location to stop.

Making the most of every moment and spending as much time outdoors as you can is also important. From walks and swims, to dining outdoors, use this time to enjoy the wide variety of scenery and activities. We swear by our early morning swim ritual, which is the best everyday activity for the whole family. It leaves us feeling energised and ready to tackle the day.

Lastly, be spontaneous! One day we’re hitting up the surf at a remote beach, the next we might head inland for a hike. Make use of the freedom caravanning can offer you and your family.

Where are you heading this summer? Share your top holiday shots with us on Instagram or Facebook.

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