Best winter activities to do with the kids

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6th Aug 2021

Winter doesn’t have to mean putting your RV away. On the contrary, this season is one of the best times to go outside, explore and embark on a new adventure with the kids. So don’t flee the cold this year; revel in it and enjoy a winter wonderland. Are you planning a family camping trip this season? Here is a list of exciting activities that your kids will love and enjoy.

Snowman building 

Building a snowman never gets old. When you’re out and about in the snow this winter, incorporating a lot of snow play will keep everyone in the family entertained. This activity involves teamwork, patience, and strength. It’s also a great way to get the kids physically active during winter.

When building a snowman, it can be as tall as a human or as small as a pot plant. You can even dress them in spare clothes and human life features with items around the campground such as rocks and pebbles for its eye, sticks for arms, and a carrot stick for its nose.


Snow slopes are not just for skiing and snowboarding. They can be great fun for kids and beginners. If you want to toboggan in Australia, there are plenty of ski resorts to visit with impressive snowy mountains for you and your kids to slide down. For something a bit more challenging, you can also try sliding down with a sled or ski tubes. Remember to avoid travelling down a hill with many obstacles or one leading to a river or a fence.

Fun around the campfire

Nothing beats a huddle around the campfire on a chilly night, laughing and toasting your marshmallow, or making s’mores. There is just something special about campfires. They are fun, comforting and are an easy way to bring the whole family together. While you gather around the fire, you can share stories and sing songs together – a fantastic bonding experience.

Keep in mind that during winter, things in the outdoors tend to be more damp than usual. So, your wood might take longer to dry out. So, if you’re planning to sit around a campfire this winter, we recommend bringing along dry paper, sticks, or wood with you.

Snow angels 

No matter how old you are, everyone loves making snow angels! It’s one of the most accessible activities to do when you reach some snow. While your kids hone in on some gross motors kills, snow angels are a chance for the adults to feel like a kid again. So don’t forget to rug up in layers before you dive into the snow and make your angel.


With warm socks, snow boots, gloves, a beanie, and a fluffy jacket, walking through the snow or following a hiking trail this winter is the best way to explore your location. When you’re hiking with the kids, start with an easy route, and you can extend the distance once they become more confident. Exploring by foot is a perfect way to get some cardiovascular exercise, a chance to see beautiful snow cover trees, and even see native animals that come out in winter.

Don’t let the chilly season stop you from having a fulfilled adventure because there are many exciting things to do during winter.

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