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Caravan Essentials: The Ultimate Caravan Packing List

27th Oct 2021

Getting ready for an upcoming road trip can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to planning and packing ahead. To get you started, we’ve pulled together our ultimate caravan packing list.

Whether you are a first-time caravanner or are an experienced traveller, these packing checklists will ensure you have the best trip possible … enjoy! 

Caravan essentials for off-road adventures

Making sure you’ve packed everything you need is crucial when going off grid. There’s no worse feeling than forgetting something when the nearest town could be hours away!

Here are a few of our caravan essentials we pack before heading on an off-road adventure:

We suggest you include items such as:

  • Additional portable solar panels
  • Generator
  • A Webber or portable BBQ
  • Doorstep – when clearance is too high
  • Solar awning lights
  • A good, durable camping table
  • Camping chairs
  • Portable fridge
  • Spare wheel bag/large bag for rubbish
  • Clothesline
  • Portable speakers
  • Tarp
  • Camping torch
  • First Aid Kit
  • Handheld GPS system
  • Spare batteries (for torches etc)
  • Pre-charged mobile phone power packs
  • Additional tanks of water
  • Jerry cans

Caravan essentials to maintain your RV

 It’s best to make sure you’ve got all the basics when heading out on your next adventure. This caravan packing list covers all the general caravan set-up and maintenance you’ll need on any camping trip:

  • Wheel chocks
  • Pads for under drop jacks
  • Tool kit with hammer cable ties, tape, screwdrivers, WD40 & shifting spanner
  • Power leads & extension cords
  • Straps for awning
  • Spare tyres for van & vehicle
  • Tyre pressure kit and portable 12-volt inflation unit
  • Coupling lock
  • Remember to always check your gas water and battery levels, and bring extra gas and water for longer trips

Summer caravan essentials

Whether you’re heading to your favourite beach or down the river, there’s nothing more iconic than a summer camping trip! To ensure you make the most out of the warmer months on the road, we recommend adding the below to your caravan packing list.

  • River chairs
  • Gazebo
  • Double insulated cups
  • Portable ice machine
  • Misting system for awning
  • Water floaties
  • Hammock
  • Beach ball
  • Shade wall
  • Esky
  • Stubby holders
  • Mossie coils & insect repellent
  • Battery lanterns
  • Clothesline with clips to dry out those beach towels

Winter caravan essentials

During the winter months, temperatures can drop below 0 degrees. Depending on the region you choose to explore, you will need to make sure you are prepared for the harsh weather conditions. To keep you cosy in winter, we recommend adding these to your caravan packing list:

  • Firepit, fire lighters & axe for chopping wood
  • Puffer jacket, vest, beanie, gloves & warm boots
  • Thermals
  • Potbelly stove
  • Raincoat & rainwear
  • Spare tarps for emergency weather protection
  • Extra rugs & blankets
  • Hot water bottle & heat packs
  • Hot chocolate & marshmallows (not an essential…but you’ll thank us later)

Family caravan essentials

Caravanning is great for family holidays, but sometimes it can be a little difficult to get everyone in the crew ready for a big adventure – especially when travelling with little ones. Not to worry – we’re here to help, we’ve put together a family caravan packing list to help make that family trips easy.

  • Wet wipes
  • Non-spill cups
  • Colouring books
  • Board games/lego/toys
  • Night light
  • iPad
  • Torch
  • Notepad/travel journal
  • Scooters/bikes
  • Hat
  • Suncream
  • Portable bath (for the toddlers)
  • Beach bucket and spade
  • First aid kit
  • Picnic blanket


What are your absolute must-haves to take on your trip? Connect with us on Facebook or Instagram and let us know!