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Caravanning around Australia – tips from our Friends of Jayco

21st Jan 2021

It’s a trip that is on most people’s bucket list – the Big Lap around Australia.

While it’s a once in the lifetime trip, the planning process can seem daunting. From what to pack, where to go, and how to manage life on the road, sometimes you just need an insider’s insight. So, we’ve asked some of our Friends of Jayco, who are all very familiar with life on the road, to let us know their top tips when it comes to caravanning around Australia are.

  1. “A toasted sandwich maker is a must pack. As well as making toasties, it can double as a hot plate to make pancakes quickly in the van, or bacon and eggs when it’s too windy outside to get to the BBQ to light. And if your free camping with no power, we just plug it into our invertor in the car.”
    – Sarah from A Fam in a Van
  2. “Don’t leave home without fly nets and swots. On your trip, you will certainly travel through areas where it as the ‘must wear’ fashion item of the day. There is nothing worse than flies inside the van when we are cooking or worse spraying fly spray to kill them and contaminate the food, so the old fly swot has been an absolute gem to have on board.”
    – Dixie from Aussie Caravanning Lifestyle.
  3. “When it comes to packing if in doubt, leave it out! Fitting your entire house contents into your caravan will just never work – packing light is the key! Clutter creates stress and if in doubt, don’t take it!  Learn to live lighter.”
    – Theresa from Caravan of Conservation
  4. “We have one of our phones on an Optus contract, and the other on Telstra. That way most of the time at least one phone gets reception.”
    – Sarah from A Fam in a Van
  5. Don’t be scared to travel with pets. Your four-legged friends will love it too!  Dogs, cats, rabbits and lizards, we’ve seen may different types of travelling companions on the road and they are all thriving and enjoying the great outdoors! There are so many beaches, cafes and caravan parks that will welcome you. For the occasions that you may need a pet sitter, we’d suggest contacting the local visitors centre or vets and asking for their list of sitters.  Our pup has had wonderful experiences with caring families all around Australia
    – Theresa from Caravan of Conservation
  6. “Pack one book, there are plenty of book swaps all around the country and in most caravan parks and bush camps. Or go digital and just download eBooks. Saving weight and space!”
    – Sarah from A Fam in a Van

Do you have any tips for your own trip around Australia? Let us know via Facebook or Instagram.