Cooking on the road with Locky and Irena

9th Nov 2022
Jayco Ambassadors

No matter what kind of vehicle you are travelling in, how long you will be away, or where you’re going – you are going to need food.


Vanbassador, Irena Srbinovska knows first hand cooking on the road can be as easy or as difficult as you make it, and she is teeming with tips on how to make meal prep a breeze with limited space.


Here are Irena’s top five tips for preparing delicious meals while on the road.


1.Always plan your meals ahead. Think about what you want to eat and what ingredients you will need. It also helps if you have a Plan B – an easy meal up your sleeve to throw together if you are in a pinch for ingredients or time one night.


2. Fridge space is always so limited on the road, so make sure you have purchased a fridge big enough for your needs. If we travel with our Jayco  Journey Outback, we have a full fridge in the caravan so we’re spoiled for space. We also have two 100 litre fridge freezers for a big trip, but we’ll usually travel with our small 35 litre fridge otherwise.


3. It goes without saying to pack food that has a long shelf life. Think dried grains or tinned goods. It lasts and you can make so many delicious meals.


4. Make sure you travel with a lot of water, as you will need it for drinking and for cooking.


5. Remember that food on the road doesn’t have to be boring or drab. Quick and simple dishes can be both tasty and healthy, too. My go-to dishes are tofu stir-fry with peanut soy sauce and pulse pasta with pesto and peas – the options are endless.