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Family camping games geared for everyone

21st Jul 2021

A family camping trip is not complete without a game or two. Whether you’re travelling with young children, teens, or adults, these activities are a fantastic way to keep everyone entertained!

We’ve rounded up our ultimate list of fun games, so try integrating them into your next trip to pass the time or create memorable bonding experiences with your loved ones.

Frisbee fun 

Throwing around a frisbee is an easy-to-play outdoor game and can involve everyone, including other campers, friends, and pet dogs.

Frisbees can be played in many ways, from a regular throw-and-catch to a structured game such as speed catch, frisbee tag, and more. This camping game is a sure-fire way to get fit while keeping everyone entertained for hours on end.

Nature-inspired scavenger hunt 

A scavenger hunt is an exciting way to kick off a camping trip for any group. This classic game keeps everyone occupied and is a fantastic way for family members to explore the campground and its surrounding areas.

This game can be modified for any age groups, and all you need is a paper and a pen to list down the items to find. It can be played through a nature bush trail, on the beach, or even around your campsite.

I Spy

I spy is an all-time road trip favourite. It’s a simple but stimulating game that you can play any time and in any location. Players can pick any object that they can see, while others need to guess and identify their choice.

This game can be a bit more structured for children by using a printed list of items for the young players to choose. Nevertheless, it’s a great game that everyone can enjoy while driving long distances and gets your eyes wandering around the current environment and landscape.

Card games 

A camping must-have and an item we recommend packing in your suitcase is a deck of cards. Playing cards is a great way to relax and connect with your family and friends, while you’re on the road.

With a deck of cards, you can play Monkey, Spoons, Memory, and much more. Cards are versatile, and you can use them for more than just games. You can perform magic tricks and stack them up to make buildings. If you’re feeling like winding down alone, there are card games you can play solo, such as solitaire.

Camping charades 

Charades is a light-hearted activity that the whole family will enjoy. Prepare a jar with small pieces of paper that identify a movie, TV show, celebrity, phrase, or object.

When everyone has gathered around the campfire or picnic table, each member can take turns picking out an item from the jar and act it out in front of everyone without using words. The rest of the players need to guess what they’re acting to identify the word on the paper.

Board games  

Board games are traditional family entertainment at home and on the road. There are countless games to choose from and they are fun regardless of what age you are. Our family favourites include Jenga, Pictionary, Connect Four, Monopoly, and Battleship. If you’ve played them all, you can also use the pieces for different board games to create your own unique game.


A game of tag is suitable for kids and adults, and it’s a great way to promote fitness and healthy competition. At a given time, the designated tagging member needs to chase and capture another player in the game. Once the tagger has caught a runner, that person becomes the new tagger. You can increase the difficulty of the game by adding more than one designated person for the role. Make sure the area is spacious and free of any tripping hazards.

There is no limit when it comes to camping games geared for everyone in the family. With our top pick of indoor and outdoor activities, you will never have dull moment on the road.