Guide to your Jayco RV: How to empty your waste water

16th Sep 2021

How to empty the wastewater on your Jayco RV

Wastewater, also referred to as grey water, will accumulate in your RV after using washing machines, kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks and showers.

This can quickly become a problem if you do not correctly dispose of it.

Any grey water stored in the plumbing of your van will become black water within 12 to 24 hours.

This is a result of bacterial growth which is accelerated under warmer conditions.

Generally, grey water is diverted onto gardens and lawns in a household environment, whereas this is not typically the case in an RV.

Most caravan parks will provide a grey water drain for visitors to direct their wastewater into using the outlet hose on their RV.

Some may direct visitors to dispose grey water onto the grass surrounding the site.

Make sure to check with the park staff how they would like visitors to dispose of grey water before you undertake this process.

In the following video, Chris will be demonstrating how to dispose the wastewater on a Jayco Journey Outback 19.61-3 Caravan.

These instructions are applicable to All Terrain Pop Tops, Journey Caravans, All Terrain Caravans, Starcraft Pop Tops, Journey Pop Tops, Expanda Pop Tops, Starcraft Caravans, Expanda Caravans, Work’N’Play Caravans, Basestation Caravans and Silverline Caravans.

Step-by-step guide on emptying the wastewater

Step 1

You will find the wastewater outlet located TBC

The hose and the wastewater outlet will be fitted with a camlock.

Simply place your hose over the camlock, then lower the small lever on both sides to secure it in place.

Step 2

Behind the waste outlet, you will find a tap.

Once you have directed your hose towards the destination you would like the water to go, twist the tap clockwise to turn the outlet on.

Step 3

The wastewater will now be disposed through your hose.

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