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Guide to your Jayco RV: How to fill your water tanks

14th Sep 2021

Filling up the water tanks in your Jayco RV is easy.

All Jayco RVs are fitted with a single, double, or triple water filler.

This will vary based on your model.

This instructional video applies to J-Pods, Camper Trailers, CrossTraks, Starcraft Pop Tops, Journey Pop Tops, Expanda Pop Tops, All-Terrain Pop Tops, Starcraft Caravans, Journey Caravans, Expanda Caravans, All-Terrain Caravans, Work’N’Play Caravans, Basestation Caravans and Silverline Caravans.

In the clip, Chris demonstrates how to fill the water tanks on a Jayco Journey Outback 19.61-3 Caravan.

Step-by-step guide on filling the tank

Step 1

First, you will need to use the small white key as supplied with your van to open the water tank access door.

Place the key on the latch and twist clockwise to unlock.

Step 2

A dual water filler with a rear tank and a front tank filler will be revealed.

In between, you will see the mains pressure filler.

Step 3

Remove the protective cap and insert your hose.

Step 4

Turn on the tap to begin filling up your tank.

The tank is full once water begins to trickle out of the breathers above the water fillers.

Step 5

Once your tank is full, turn your tap off and pull the hose out.

Step 6

Cover the inlet and shut the door.

Step 7

To connect to the mains water at a caravan park, use the mains filler in the middle.

Simply remove the protective cap and connect your hose.

Step 8

When you are connected to a hose at a caravan park, you can close and lock the water filler door.

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