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Guide to your Jayco RV: How to use your control panel

14th Sep 2021

Every Jayco RV is fitted with a control panel, this is the heart of your van and controls the many different features available to you.

It’s where you can control the lights, charge your batteries or any other 12 Volt appliances.

The control panel is also used to operate the hot water system and power your Jayco RV.

In this video, Chris will demonstrate the features and functions of the control panel on a Jayco Journey Outback 19.61-3 Caravan.

These instructions are applicable to All-Terrain Pop Tops, Journey Caravans, All-Terrain Caravans and optional on Starcraft Pop Tops, Journey Pop Tops, Expanda Pop Tops, Starcraft Caravans, Expanda Caravans, Work’N’Play Caravans and Basestations Caravans.


Step-by-step guide on using your control panel

Step 1

Get familiar with the control panel.

The screen will display a range of useful information.

This includes:

  • Battery charge percentage
  • Battery state percentage
  • Solar charge/status AMPS/%
  • Water level indicator
  • Battery type AGM/Lithium
  • 240v mains power supply
  • Isolate power to the van

The model also includes the following buttons (from left to right):

HWS: Hot Water System

PUMP: Water Pump

PWR: Power

DIM: Screen dimming

The button border will illuminate when a button is pressed.

If you press an illuminated button again, it will turn the specified function off.

Step 2

To turn on your hot water system, simply press the ‘HWS’ button.

This will provide you with access to hot water.

Step 3

To operate your water pump, press on the ‘PUMP’ button.

In this case, the battery is sitting at 13.3 volts (6.9 amps).

Underneath this, the battery type is displayed on the screen.

This RV has a 100-amp lithium battery.

The amount of battery charge is displayed below this in minutes.

As displayed on the screen, this RV has 893 minutes of solar charge/battery capacity.

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