Paul Worsteling’s favourite fishing spots

7th Sep 2020

Asking a fisherman what his favourite spots are is an impossible task – but we had to give it a shot. Paul Worsteling is one of Australia’s most prominent fishermen, and a long-time Jayco fan, so we were thrilled to catch up with him and hear about his favourite fishing adventures. He walked us through some of his most memorable trips – and the spots he likes to go back to time and time again.

Golbourn River, VIC

First up, Golbourn River, from Paul’s home State Victoria. Thanks to the nature of the country, Paul can pull his Jayco van right up to the river and get stuck into fishing right away.

The amazing location is impressive country, Paul tells us, and is the spot where he once caught a 15lb rainbow trout off the back of his Jayco van. It’s provided him some unforgettable trips in the past, and is a spot he likes to return to time and time again. From even the banks of the river, amazing fish can be caught – meaning you don’t need a boat to experience the thrill of the screaming reel. Look out for brown trout, redfin, Murray cod and rainbow trout. September is a great time to head to this area.

Port Lincoln, SA

Next up, a spot Paul has returned to about ten times and refers to as one of the “fishiest places on earth”! It’s all the Southern fish “on steroids” – at Port Lincoln, South Australia. The tuna is stunning – both to catch and to eat – and is a real highlight of any trip. The oysters also can’t be overlooked.

Paul likes to tow his Jayco J-pod which kept all of his fishing gear tucked away safely – whilst being able to position himself just a stone’s throw from the water’s edge.

Finally, there’s something that should be on everyone’s bucket list, according to Paul: diving with great white sharks off the Neptune Isles. Paul’s completed the dive around 4 times now, the first of which was with his wife as a hair-raising 21st birthday present. It’s an unforgettable experience and one of the very few places in the world you can experience these majestic beasts.

Head to Port Lincoln year-round. There will always be something magical to see, catch and taste.

Murray River, SA, NSW, VIC

The Murray River is rich with Aboriginal culture and provides a second-to-none experience year-round. The last time Paul was here, he pulled up his Jayco on a sandbank and started to catch fish even whilst still setting up his fishing gear! This is a great location for trout cod, silver perch, freshwater crayfish and more. Oh, and if you can catch a Murray cod larger than 1.2m, you’ve beaten Paul!

Darwin, NT

Stepping into the Northern Territory is like walking into the 1980s, reckons Paul, where life was a bit simpler and everything a little cheerier. There’s no rat race, and there’s a better focus on the great outdoors.

Within no time, you could be in a remote spot in the Outback – away from any other person, ready to nosedive into some top-class fishing. Paul highlights Cullen Bay as a top spot – where you can count on catching at least 50 different species of fish. It’s a very family-friendly area too, ensuring everyone can confidently get stuck in. Don’t miss out on a chance to see some crocodiles first-hand either.

Exmouth, WA

Last but not least is Paul’s top spot – Exmouth. He cannot emphasise more strongly how you simply must go! The fishing is “out of control” – with every species of billfish on offer.

Paul had tried to catch a swordfish for 20 years before finally achieving that in this very spot – so it holds a particularly special place in his heart.

Not only that, but fishing is completely ingrained in local Exmouth culture – and locals all participate for fun or to find something tasty for dinner. Paul finds there’s something for everyone at this special town – and he loves to see his son run around and play with his friends from nearby.

The clear waters and vast, remote beaches lend themselves to a truly unforgettable experience. The fishing is excellent year-round, but Paul advises skipping December-January due to the heat. This is certainly the spot for your next billfish catch – or big bream, coral trout or blue bone!