Snowy Mountains & South Coast weekend Escape in ACT

Holiday here this year
16th Nov 2020

This week on our ‘Holiday Here This Year Summer Road Trip’ series takes us on our two favourite weekenders in the ACT. From the Snowy Mountains to Cooma, and finally to the stunning south coast, get prepared for some spectacular views and a sense of beachy paradise.

Explore some of Australia’s magnificent and diverse landscapes, trekking through the unique Snowy Mountains alpine area to the gorgeous coast – you’ve got the best of both worlds.


Day 1 – Canberra to Cooma

Start your weekend adventure by setting out 116 kms south of Canberra to reach Cooma. Known as the capital of The Snowy Mountains, you won’t be able to get enough of this spectacular location.

After setting up camp, unhook your car and head over to Kosciuszko National Park where the famous Snowy River begins. Here, you can enjoy plenty of hiking, mountain biking and caving while taking in some breathtaking sights. During your stay, we also recommend checking out the Cooma Monaro Railway and Mount Gladstone Lookout.

Day 2 – Cooma to Bermagui

Continue your expedition 162 kms to arrive in Bermagui on the south coast. Approximately halfway, take a break in Bemboka and go for a walk to see Pipers lookout.

Experience everything the coast has to offer while you’re in Bermagui. Go for a swim in the stunning blue waters or try your hand at surfing and stand up paddle boarding. Also, be sure to go for a dip in the Bermagui Blue Pool; a natural rock pool featuring gorgeous sapphire colours and superb coastal views. Then, venture out on a coastal walk to be awestruck by some of the oldest rocks in NSW – Horsehead Rock and Camel Rock.

Being on the coast also means there’s a huge variety of harbour side restaurants and dining opportunities – especially if you love seafood.

Day 3 – Bermagui to Canberra

Before starting the return trip of 277 km back to Canberra, take a stroll along the beach and grab a bite to eat in one of the amazing local eateries.

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