The Bergs School Holiday Caravanning Guide

29th Jun 2022
Jade and Wes Berg
Jayco Ambassadors

There’s nothing better than a relaxing family holiday in the caravan! We always say the best time to organise an uninterrupted family getaway is during the school holiday break.

To help your school holiday travel as easy (and enjoyable) as possible, we’ve shared our guide to school holiday caravanning.

Here are our families top tops for a school holiday adventure:

1. Book your location in advance – School holidays ALWAYS book up quickly, so if you are looking at a popular caravan park or free camp destination make sure you leave yourself enough time to secure a spot at your favourite place.

2. Tell your friends – We love to invite other families to join us on our holidays. This is a great way of keeping it casual and inviting a big group without having to leave the booking all to one person.

3. Book your activities ahead of time – If you’re travelling in peak times it’s great to book your reservations in advance. Dinner at the local surf club or surf lessons for the kids, whatever it might be, it leaves more time for relaxing when you start your holiday.

4. Source a good coffee shop – If you’re like me and love to start your day with coffee, I recommend scoping the best coffee shop on arrival! if there isn’t one nearby, plan to pack the Nespresso (or instant for those who really can’t go without).

5. Pack smart – Nothing beats a good packing list, helpful, simple and helps you avoid over packing. One of the best things about a van holiday is you live in your “comfies”. Everyone keeps it pretty casual at a caravan park.

6. Kids equipment – Bike, Surf Boards, Skateboards, Scooters, all the fun stuff! If you are anything like us and need to take all the toys away then caravanning is the holiday for you. Wes likes to call the shower his surfboard rack, and loves to pack the kids extra surfboards in there. Everything gets ridden on during a van holiday, the kids have endless hours on the bikes and skateboards and the van allows you to take it all with you.

7. Food prep and Food Shopping – If you have time and love to do nothing but relax when you pull up to your destination, then a good slow cooked meal (or two) is your best friend. I love to take away two or three prepped meals I can keep in the fridge or pop in the freezer and pull out on those long beach days.

Some of my favourites are pulled pork, roasted root veggies, the good old spaghetti bolognaise and a yummy Teriyaki Chicken, just to list a few.

I like to do a full food shop the day before so it’s in the van ready for the week ahead.

8. Car essentials are key – Snacks and a good, downloaded movie on an ipad make for a relaxing trip, especially with kids.


Check out some of The Berg’s favourite school holiday destinations below. Don’t forget to follow their adventures across Instagram – @jadesutcliffe and @wesberg

Clarkes Beach Byron Bay

Evan Head one of our favourites

Scotts Head