The Best AFL Grand Final Snacks

12th Oct 2020

With the AFL Grand Final fast approaching there are many things on our minds… Who will be playing in the Grand Final? Who will kick the first goal? And which players will be selected for the line-up? Luckily, we’ve struck one off the list with this top list of Grand Final snacks to rustle up for your family and friends as you settle in for the game.

These snacks are not only delicious but also quick and easy to prepare whilst away on your RV adventures. Pick one to serve – or consider a few, one to serve each quarter!

Cheese Platter

A simple starter that gives you the freedom to choose your favourite combinations – we believe a cheese platter is the perfect way to kick off the first quarter. The great thing about a platter is they not only look and taste amazing, but all your ingredients are easy to store and prep in your RV. Gouda, Cheddar, Blue Cheese and Brie is a good place to start – ensuring you’ve covered off a few different types of cheese to suit different palates.

Don’t forget to mix up the platter with some cured meats – such as prosciutto and salami – and garnish with pickled vegetables and condiments. Quince paste, cornichons, pickled onions and even scattered walnuts will all add to the flavours and textures.

We also love to include dips such as hummus and beetroot along with a mixed variety of crackers. To complete your ultimate platter, add something sweet such as grapes and sliced apple along with some pieces of dark chocolate. Yum!

Mini Sausage Rolls

These are always a crowd pleaser and so easy to prepare – whether they’re freshly made or reheated from frozen. All you need is puff pastry, one beaten egg and sausage mince which can be purchased from the supermarket. Simply cut your pastry in half lengthways and divide your sausage mince along the length of each pastry strip; leaving enough space to roll the pastry around the meat. Glaze with your pre-beaten egg and cut into individual mini rolls. Bake these in the oven until the meat is cooked, and the pastry is puffed and crisp. Perfect to enjoy over half time while discussing the different game plays!

Meat and Vegetarian Skewers

Prep some meat or vegetarian skewers so they’re ready to be cooked on either your caravan BBQ or stovetop at half time. This is another option which allows you to mix and match your favourite ingredients. We love to use a combination of zucchini, red and green capsicum, and onion with either chicken or beef. For a vegetarian option, substitute the meat with haloumi. These will be perfect to sit down and enjoy as the third quarter siren sounds.

Mini Trifle Cups

For our sweet tooth fans out there, indulge in a premade mini trifle which can easily be stored and won’t take up too much room in your fridge. In a jar or plastic cup with a lid, layer sliced sponge cake, berries, jelly, custard and thickened cream then top with flaked almonds. This is sure to be a treat to either lift your spirits or add to your excitement at the end of the fourth quarter.

No Grand Final is truly complete without an array of snacks so we hope these ideas give you some inspiration for what you can enjoy!