The best pink lakes across Australia

7th Sep 2020

Did you know that off the coast of WA lies a small island, home to a 40km-long, bright pink lake? The fuchsia phenomenon is one of many jewel-like lakes which dot the Australian landscape. The stunning pink waters surprise and delight visitors thanks to the unique algae found in the water, which thrives off these salty water environments. The same algae also flourish in the Dead Sea!

Here’s our round-up of Australia’s top pink lakes to check out on your next adventure.

Lake Hellier

Probably Australia’s most famous pink lake, Lake Hellier can be viewed from the sky or approached via boat – but is heavily protected, so no swimming! It’s just as well, given the heavy salt quantity which keeps the lake’s pink in check.

Hutt Lagoon

Just a stone’s throw from the beachside village Port Gregory, in WA, lies Hutt Lagoon, a stunning salt lake which has played host to a number of fashion campaigns in the past. Thanks to the natural environment, the lake colour can drift between a bright pink, gorgeous lilac and even silver at times! Locals agree the best time to visit is on a clear day, around mid-morning or sunset. To add to the magic, beautiful flowers cover the countryside between July and September.

Watermelon Avenue

Have you ever heard of Australia’s ‘Watermelon Avenue’? This particular spot is officially named Lake MacDonnell and inherited its nickname thanks to the two stunning lakes which are separated by a road – one bright pink and the other bright green! Lake MacDonnell can be found on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia, just a two-hour drive from Adelaide. It’s an arid region, so worth planning ahead to make sure you’re there when there’s water in the lakebed.

Murray-Sunset National Park

Why not get your money’s worth of pink lakes and try for four-in-one at the Murray-Sunset National Park in the far North West of Victoria? Lake Crosbie, Lake Becking, Lake Kenyon and Lake Hardy are all located in this national park. Depending on the time of day, the lake colours can vary – from the well-known bubblegum pink after rainfall, to a whiter hue which develops throughout the day.