The ultimate ‘at home camping’ guide

5th May 2020

While our caravan and motorhome trips may have been postponed for now, we are not going to let social distancing get in the way of camping completely! We are here to inspire you to explore your own backyard and get into the camping spirt.


Act as if you were heading out for a regular weekend of camping. Get the kids involved by writing a ‘packing list’ and dedicating a task to everyone playing along.

You’ll need:
• A ‘tent’ – you could set up an actual tent, a swag, or get creative with sheets or a tarp.
• Snacks – food glorious food! Plan your menu together. Dinner? Breakfast? Other things to nibble on through the day or night?
• Warm clothes- make sure ‘camping’ is enjoyable by staying warm with jumpers, socks, beanies.
• Sleeping gear- make your tent set up cosy and comfy with pillows, blankets and blow up mattresses.


Set Up

Find the best spot in your home or backyard to set up your campsite. This could be the living room, back deck or in the garden- wherever suits best! Then;

• Pitch your ‘tent’
• Set up the beds
• Decorate the campsite with homemade lanterns or fairy lights
• Mark out your ‘campfire’ area with seats



Once you have completed the setup, settle into your campsite and enjoy some fun activities with the family. A few of our favourites are;

• Cook your favourite camping delicacies – baked potatoes, smores, damper, need we say more?
• Roasting marshmallows – an outdoor BBQ, firepit or kitchen stove all do the trick!
• Tell stories around the ‘camp-fire’ – what are your favourite memories from previous camping trips? Where do you want to go camping next?
• Star gazing – which constellations can you spot? If you are camping indoors, place glow-in-the-dark stickers on your roof and make your own!
• Play games – board games, scavenger hunts and card games are a whole lot of fun for all of the family.


So, what are you waiting for? Get outdoors and enjoy this time with your family.

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