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Tips on how to save precious 12-volt battery power

16th Mar 2021

As a lot of seasoned caravanners will know, the art of prolonging battery life and economic use of precious ‘off the grid’ power to an RV is crucial to enjoy an illuminated (and powered) caravan experience.

While some caravanners may travel with a portable generator, others prefer to not be ‘that person’ with the noisy ‘genny’ in the sublime tranquillity of the Australian bush.

That’s why we’ve collated a few handy tips on how to get the most out of your battery life so you can live your best off-grid life.

Keep the use of large appliances to a minimum

To assist in the lifespan of your caravan battery, keep the usage of appliances that utilise a lot of power to a minimum. TVs, microwaves, air conditioners and compressor fridges are prime suspects and drain the battery suddenly. Plus, the fast discharge on the battery means it will need to be recharged more often which also leads to quicker deterioration of its charging properties.

Beware of the parasitic load

Did you know that even if your TV is off, it’s likely still in standby mode, therefore draining your battery, leading to the depletion of the battery performance and lifespan? This is known as a ‘parasitic load’. While you’re out on the road, ensure you switch off and unplug any appliances when you aren’t using them.

Never let your battery run flat

Don’t drain the battery down to zero power, as this drastically reduces the lifespan of your battery. We would recommend not letting your battery level fall below 50%, but preferably recharge your battery as soon as it falls below 75%.

Always switch off and unplug appliances when your vehicle is in storage

In between adventures, ensure you switch off and unplug all electronic items that might use the battery. This means GPS systems, lights, clocks and appliances. When storing your caravan be sure to turn off all digital clocks, lights, GPS and tracking systems and anything that will use your battery. This will help keep your battery at optimal health so you’re ready to go for your next adventure.


Jayco’s 2021 range of caravans now have the option include a Lithium Battery, which have a higher energy density and voltage capacity, lower self-discharge rate than other rechargeable batteries and are light in weight. This feature allows you to take your off-grid camping to the next level. The Lithium Battery is available across the entire 2021 range.