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Tips to get through a long road trip

25th Jun 2021

Hitting the road can be so much fun but being in your vehicle for long periods of time can often become uncomfortable. Regardless of where you are driving, it is important to think about your journey, and not just the destination. If you are gearing up for a big road trip, here are some tips to get you through the long road ahead.

  1. Plan your journey

Planning is key to arriving at your destination safely and on time. Many long road trips are going to span over several days so be sure to pinpoint and stop at key landmarks and towns to break up your journey.

  1. Get enough sleep

Make sure you are well rested before your road trip! The worst thing you can do is hit the road while feeling tired. Getting enough sleep the night before is very important.

Building your energy reservations will also ensure you are safe and alert on the wide-open roads. Keep this tip in mind when creating your plan and be aware of your sleeping habits prior to your drive.

  1. Keep hydrated

Refuel your body with liquids, especially with water. For a long drive, a first preference would be to reach out for a coffee as it can increase focus, concentration, and alertness. However, you will also experience dehydration if you consume too much during your trip.

Remember to have enough water so that you will avoid fatigue and tiredness due to lack of H2O. The recommended amount of water is 2-3L per day so don’t forget to pack plenty for your trip.

  1. Eat healthy snacks

Although a packet of chips may be what you’re craving, it is important to avoid eating unhealthy snacks, especially when you’re sitting down for a long period. Recommended snack items include fresh fruit such as bananas, wholegrain crackers, trail mix and nuts, and vegetable sticks.

Heavy carbohydrates and refined sugar snacks such as chocolates, candy, soft drinks, and high-sugar energy drinks provide a sudden spike of insulin for a temporary boost of energy, then increasing tiredness for the remainder of the long journey ahead.

If you are feeling like snacking on something sweet, chewing gum might be your best friend. The repetitive process of chewing increases circulation and alertness.

  1. Take breaks

Taking frequent breaks is paramount. From a safety standpoint, regular breaks including stretching and going for a walk is crucial for your blood flow. They will also keep your energy levels up and minimise the risks of body cramps and aches, falling asleep on the wheel, and delaying the driver’s reaction time.

A key tip while planning your breaks is to organise stops to fall at mealtimes or at a landmark you are interested in seeing. Taking frequent breaks also makes the long road trip much more enjoyable and memorable.


  1. Keep yourself entertained

Long drives mean long periods of time inside your vehicle. Keep the drive exciting with a ‘road trip’ music playlist on repeat, listen to audiobooks and podcasts, and play games with your passengers.

When driving a long distance with kids, it is very important to keep them occupied with healthy snacks, toys, movies, and books.

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