Top 10 Camping Movies

24th Aug 2021

Regardless of whether you are rugging up on a cosy winter afternoon or enjoying the outdoors on a balmy warm Summer night, one activity that can’t be beaten is watching a classic camping movie. Moments like these shared with friends and family (and of course a big bowl of popcorn) will add to the unique experience of your trip and create beautiful memories full of laughter, bonding, and fun. So, rolling in 3…2….1…. sit back, relax, and enjoy our top-rated suggestions!

1. The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors is a comedy directed by Howard Deutch and is centred around a Chicago man Chester Ripley, his wife Connie and their two sons, Buck and Ben. This film follows their summer vacation adventures in Wisconsin, which are crashed by Connie’s glamorous sister, and her investment broker husband and two daughters. This movie reveals the challenges of what happens when the two families’ worlds collide in the one holiday.

2. The Parent Trap

One of the greatest all-time family favourites! The Parent Trap is a classic one for all ages. We are particular fans of the newest 1998 adaption featuring Lindsay Lohan. This movie follows identical twins Hallie and Annie who were separated at birth and each lived with one of their parents until they (unknowingly) reunited at a Summer camp. Through hilarious scheming and planning, they attempt to piece their family together again.

3. RV (Runaway Vacation)

RV Runaway Vacation is a brilliant light-hearted adventure to enjoy with family and friends alike. This film follows a dysfunctional family who plan a road trip to Colorado Rockies. Bob Munro (dad) decides to rent out an RV for his family for the vacation but faces a few hilarious obstacles along the way. One not to be missed.

4. Into the Wild

Into the Wild is a drama/adventure based top pick based on a man called Christopher McCandless, the son of a very wealthy family. He graduates top of the class in academics and sport at Emory University but trades in the prestige, attention, and savings to set on a journey to the Alaskan wilderness.

5. We’re the Millers

After a good giggle? We’re the Millers is a hilarious comedy/crime film based on a man named David who is a drug dealer and is instructed by his boss to transport drugs from Mexico. Through a series of humorous events, he hires a stripper, petty thief, and teenager to act as his ‘family’ to help him pull off this mission.

6. Space Camp

If you love adventure/Sci-fi films, Space Camp is for you! The protagonist, an astronaut called Andie Bergstrom, runs a summer camp for teenagers alongside her NASA-employed husband. One night, during an engine test, Andie and four of the teenagers are jetted into space. How will they get home? Watch Space Camp on your next trip away to find out…

7. Camp Nowhere

Camp Nowhere is a 1994 family favourite. This top pick is a comedy film based on a man called Morris “Mud” Himmel who spends his summer vacation at the same computer camp, even though he despises it. One year Mud and his friends decide to change things around – and hilarity ensues.

8. The Kings of Summer

The Kings of Summer is a comedy film packed with adventure. Teenage friends Joe, Patrick and Biaggio decide to leave their ‘dysfunctional’ families and start a new life in the woods. Through a hilarious series of events, they realise that running away from their family isn’t always as good as it sounds…

9. Without a Paddle

Looking for a mystery for when the kids have gone to sleep whilst on holiday? Look no further than ‘Without A Paddle’. This classic is perfect to get into the getaway spirit. This movie is about three boys who go on a camping trip to find some lost treasure.

10. Camp Rock

Camp Rock centres on a teenage girl who dreams of participating in a rock camp – but finds she can only attend if she works in the kitchen as one of the cooks. When someone overhears her singing, they are transfixed and determined to find the girl with the beautiful voice. A story which sees the protagonist overcome her fears to follow her dreams.