Top Hikes in Australia

26th May 2020

Now that interstate travel is back on the agenda, why not spend some time thinking about your next epic hike adventure? There’s never been a better time to stretch your legs and challenge yourself with a serious ramble in nature. Here are our top 3 adventure hikes to consider.

These hikes aren’t all family friendly, so make sure you do your research before embarking!

The Larapinta Trail

The Larapinta Trail is one of the most famous routes in Australia and can be found in the Northern Territory. Its total length covers 223 kilometres from east to west, with the eastern end at Alice Springs and the western end at Mount Sonder, one of the territory’s highest mountains. Most hikers take between 13 and 15 days to walk the route and are rewarded with stunning views across the Red Centre. The route is divided into 12 sections, so smaller chunks can be taken on if you’re after a slightly smaller trip.


Thorsborne Trail

The Thorsborne Trail sits on Hichinbrook Island National Park in Queensland and is famed for the rugged nature of the island, lush rainforest, tall eucalypt forest and mangrove fringes. The trail itself is just over 30km so is more manageable in size than the Larapinta (most walkers talk 4-5 days to walk this), and can be reached by a ferry from the mainland. The island is World Heritage-listed so you will not be disappointed with the scenery.

The Overland Track

Nestled in St Clair National Park, the 6-day Overland Track hike in Tasmania is one of Australia’s most stunning walks. Hikers will be treated to some of the highest peaks in the state and a variety of scenery which will amaze even the hardiest of nature lovers. You’ll likely see some of the unique animals which Tasmania has to offer en route as well.

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