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Top ways to celebrate Father’s Day this year

24th Aug 2021
Jade and Wes Berg
Jayco Ambassadors

Father’s Day is just around the corner so it’s time to think about how you would like to celebrate and honour that special father figure in your life. Every dad deserves to be celebrated and we know it can be challenging to get out and about, especially in between restrictions and lockdowns, so we’ve asked our Jayco Vanbassadors, The Bergs, to give us tips to celebrate this year regardless of where you are in Australia!

Go on a fun family adventure

If you can and if it’s safe to do so, go out on a fun adventure with the whole family. There’s nothing better than creating long lasting memories in your Jayco caravan. This year, we have been prioritising doing smaller weekend road trips more frequently, so hopefully this Father’s Day won’t be any different!

Father’s Day is a great time and opportunity to share an activity or experience with your dad. We are absolutely obsessed with caravanning and we also love the water, so we’ll most likely combine the two activities for Father’s Day. Our whole family loves to surf so if it’s safe to travel, we would usually take our Jayco up north to Coolum Beach in Queensland or down south to Angourie Point in Yamba New South Wales to catch some waves.

Watch the sunrise together

If you’re unable to travel, surprise your dad with an early morning walk to watch the sunrise. Find a beautiful spot, bring a picnic rug and enjoy some toasties and warm hot chocolate to start the day.

We’re very lucky to live close to water so we often watch the sunrise together by the beach as a family and then go for a super early morning swim. Taking our family to the beach and planning a fun-filled morning creates lasting memories that we will cherish for years to come. I can’t think of a more perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day!

Restaurant at home

If you’re celebrating Father’s Day in lockdown you can still make your dad feel special by cooking him his favourite meal or something that he loves to eat. Better yet, why not bond and cook something together? When we’re at home, we usually fire up the BBQ and cook a simple, but delicious egg and bacon breakfast. Plan a cook with your dad (or even the whole family). Have lots of fun while cooking and when the meal is ready, enjoy it together! You can still have a memorable day with your dad without even stepping out of the house.

Go for a bike ride

This is another great way to make the day special to your dad during restrictions and lockdowns. Grab your bikes, go for a ride together and enjoy the spring sunshine. Our family is super active so when we’re at home, we love going out for bike rides and being in the great outdoors. If your dad isn’t super into riding, find an activity that he loves to do and get creative! If he loves to golf, you can set up a mini golf course in the backyard or if he prefers soccer, you can organise a family match. It’s also a great way to keep fit during lockdown.

You can show your dad how much you love him no matter where you are in Australia! How will you celebrate this Father’s Day this year?