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Tow Weights Explained

17th May 2023

When it comes to towing a caravan, understanding the meaning of the different tow weights can make all the difference. From GTM (Gross Trailer Mass) to ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass), TARE to GCM (Gross Combination Mass), each term carries valuable information that empowers you to make informed decisions.

The connection between tow weights and road safety is undeniable. When you know your caravan’s GTM, ATM, TARE, and GCM, you can calculate the weight distribution and make appropriate adjustments to your vehicle’s setup. This helps maintain control, reduces the risk of accidents, and enhances the overall safety of your journey.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of caravan tow weights? Click that play button to watch our guide to tow weights. This video will not only demystify these puzzling terms but also equip you with the confidence to make informed decisions when it comes to road safety and towing.