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Travelling with a baby

13th Nov 2019

1. Plan your travel times wisely:

“Trip planning really comes into it and you should be considering both you and your kids when you plan your drive days. The reality is this should revolve around nap times and be planned to complement those. I’d say as a guide you probably only want to drive for about 3 hours at a time when travelling multiple days in a row.” – Tim

2. Mealtime bonding:

“We use a clip-on high chair and Snow sits at the table with us every night, which is great for saving space. We always eat dinner together and it definitely brings us closer together. ” – Kesh

3. Bumper bed

“We strongly recommend putting a bumper on your little one’s bed, which for us has meant that Snow can confidently sleep in the bottom of the 3 bunks in our Jayco Journey. The first night was a bit nerve-racking as she was getting used to her new bed, but since then, she’s slept through the night more often than not!” – Tim

4. White noise speaker

“Travel with a white noise speaker. We put this next to the bunks to keep the kids sleeping nicely while Kesh and I work while they are in bed. It means we don’t have to be silent and can use the front section of the caravan without stressing.” – Tim

Our biggest challenge has been sleeping, which is the challenge for most families no matter where you live, but aside from that, traveling with a baby has been great. She’s loved all the new places we’ve gone and gets to hang out with her bothers a whole lot more than ‘normal home life’.