Van Life = Happy Life

1st Mar 2022
Jade and Wes Berg
Jayco Ambassadors

Life changed when we bought a van, we always loved the outdoors and were never shy of an adventure, but the experience and closeness as a family that the van provided was truly unique. We wanted more than the 9-5 weekdays and weekends that look the same as the last and craved a lifestyle that was full, exciting, and created memories that would last a lifetime. There isn’t anything that can deliver this more so than a Jayco caravan.


Those fleeting moments when you look at your family with a full heart appreciating all you have – well, being on the road together in a caravan offers you so many of these magical moments.


It strengthens family bonds and it gives you time with each other which isn’t really possible to achieve at home in our busy daily lives. One of the special things we have witnessed is the special relationships between our children. We can honestly say that traveling in the van has provided an amazing foundation for the kids to learn to work together, appreciate each other’s company and become more patient with one another. People ask us all the time if our kids fight and of course there are moments, but one thing the van has given them is an appreciation of each other and they truly are the best of friends because of it.

You begin to understand that it’s the small things on each trip away that change your outlook on life. It’s not one life shifting moment, but ever so slightly after a few van trips your perception moves and you value your time as a family unit in the van above everything else.

Van Life provides the ultimate balance – it lets everyone switch off from the daily grind. The kids get to relax, mum and dad can unwind as it forces life to slow right down and choices are based on what you want to do each day rather than what is expected of you.

Exploring the country in a van offers so much. In addition to seeing the most incredible places and enjoying fun adventures, it is the only setting that delivers pure simplicity, fresh air, incredible views with the ones you love at minimal expense.

Investing in a caravan has absolutely been the best decision we have ever made and has changed us as a family. The experiences we have enjoyed together have been undeniably priceless and we truly cannot recommend van life highly enough.


What is it that makes you love van life? Share your comments below!


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