Wes Berg living life to the fullest with a Jayco Expanda

31st May 2019

You always hear people saying that before you know it your kids are all grown up and now, having three children of our own we are starting to live that reality so I am determined to make the most of this precious time with the kids while they are young.

I broke my neck in 2016 and although I had what I believe was a positive and free outlook on life, it really shifted me towards a “less work and more play – you only live once” attitude.

We wanted affordable holidays on a regular basis, so we thought the best way to do that was to buy a caravan and take the kids on the road as much as possible. We jumped right in, bought a Jayco Expanda Outback and have never looked back.

The minute you pull in to a van park it’s like you instantly wind down and relax, a feeling you can’t explain. You relinquish all time frames, commitments, plans or places to be – it’s just you and the family exploring what each day has to offer. It is a return to the way that we grew up, riding our bikes and playing outside until the street lights went on and you knew you had to be home. The kids have the opportunity of no distractions, no devices and connecting back to mother nature having their own little adventures and being able to use their imagination instead of everything being planned for them.

We have the ability to spontaneously jump in the van and have endless long weekends away, pulling up anywhere, both on and off-road and discovering some of this country that we would never otherwise got to see. We have found hidden beaches and unridden waves and at times, been lucky enough to have them all to ourselves.

The memories we have made over the past 18 months have been priceless and honestly, it’s the happiest and most balanced us, and the kids are when we can get away in our van.

Having a Jayco Caravan means that we can do that regularly and has been the best investment for our family and we just cannot recommend it enough. The lifestyle we have created through our Jayco is amazing and I hope every family can have that experience.