What battery is right for your RV? Lithium batteries or Lead Acid batteries?

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27th Oct 2021

Whether you’re heading off on a big lap of Australia, or simply love getting away on weekends – we can all agree having power is a pivotal factor of any trip in your RV.  At the heart of any van power source lies a rechargeable battery.

There are two different battery types across the Jayco range, each with their perks – but it can be a little difficult to decide which one will work best for you. Luckily, we’re here to help!

Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries are great for those taking longer, off-grid trips, where accessibility to power sources may be limited. They have a larger battery capacity, provide power for longer periods of time and are lighter in weight.

Lithium batteries are also equipped with a quicker charge time of up to four times faster than an AGM Lead Acid Battery and require almost no maintenance. For higher performance, efficiency, and better longevity, you’ll be sure to get bang for your buck with Lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries come standard in our Jayco Silverline and All Terrain models and are an option across our caravan and pop tops. The typical estimated life of a Lithium-Ion battery is about two to three years, which equates to 300-500 charge cycles.

AGM Lead Batteries

AGM Lead Acid Batteries are perfect for those short-haul trips and for explorers who love to stay at caravan parks where you can plug-in for an extra power source.

They are a very affordable option and provide great performance and reliability – especially in colder conditions when you want to run the heater to keep nice and cosy!

AGM batteries have a lifespan of around 3 to 4 years but can exceed 6 years if the battery is well-maintained, such as fully charging them and charging them in the right temperatures.

All Jayco models (except the Silverline and All Terrain models) come standard with the AGM lead batteries.

We always recommend chatting to your local dealership about your unique requirements when travelling on the road.

To find your local dealer, click here.

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