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Winter Caravan Tips with The Blonde Nomads

2nd Jun 2023
The Blonde Nomads
Jayco Ambassadors


Winter Caravan Camping Tips

Some of you may be thinking – camping in winter! Are you crazy?
Nope. We just love it! There’s something special about those cool brisk nights, clear star filled skies and of course, sitting around a roaring campfire toasting marshmallows. We do however, make a point to plan out our winter adventures to ensure we all stay happy and warm. Here’s a few things we consider –

Draft Check
Before hitting the road we like to take some time to prepare our caravan. We check the seals are working on all the windows and doors to ensure they don’t let in any drafts. If we are travelling in particularly cold and snowy areas we may even invest in some insulated window covers (these are particularly great to use if you have a camper van or motorhome to cover up the windscreen).


Snug-up the van
We like to update our bedding and use winter sheets and thicker blankets for the cooler months. A few lightweight rugs on the floor help to make it cosier too. If needed a blanket (or even a piece of cardboard) popped under the mattress can help to block any chilly drafts that may seep up from the van floor.


While out on the road we are always mindful of condensation within the caravan. This usually appears on the roof and walls of our van in the mornings. Having a window cracked helps to minimise this but it’s also important to take some time to open all the windows and vents each day to allow the moisture to escape and dry up. You could also invest in a dehumidifier to help.

Layer Up, Baby!

When it comes to winter camping wearing the correct gear goes a long way. We have found that investing in some quality thermals, down jackets and waterproof/windproof outer shells is a must. It’s the small things that also make a difference too like hats/beanies, gloves and thermal socks.


Cook inside

A little trick we picked up while free camping in Tasmania is that cooking in the van = free heating! Using your oven, grill or stove top in such a small space definitely helps to warm it up so there’s no surprises that each morning the kids ask for hot porridge or baked scones.

Follow the sun
When choosing a campsite in winter we always consider the sun. Not only does it help keep the van warm in the day but as we rely on solar power, it certainly helps in keeping our power topped up.

We always like to make sure we are all set up within daylight hours too, there’s nothing worse then setting up in the dark or bad weather.

Drive to the conditions
Winter often brings some wild weather which can result in wet, icey or snowy roads. It’s important to be aware of this and drive accordingly. We always like to stay updated with weather forecasts and be prepared to adjust our plans if necessary. If conditions become too hazardous, it’s better to postpone or change your route to ensure your safety.

And, of course, if the cold is all too much, we simply head north!
The best part about having a home on wheels is the freedom to be able to move around. We are lucky that in Australia, if conditions are becoming too cold in winter, we simply head north to find warmer and brighter days.

Happy Travels legends, we’ll see you out there.