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Venture beyond the bitumen

Dreaming of long holidays exploring rugged conditions, love the idea of an unlimited itinerary, or have the desire to travel far off the beaten track? You need an RV that's equipped for extended travel and purpose built for adventure that stretches far beyond the bitumen. The Jayco Adventurer Off-Road Caravan will let your inner explorer take the road less travelled.

Designed for off-road and 4WD travel

Built to conquer the deamnds of the harsh AUstralian terrain, the all new Jayco Adventurer has been unleashed. Two years of dedicated development and testing has produced our toughest Jayco Caravan boasting genuine strength and durability to give you the power to adventure off-road with confidence and style. There has never been a better time to go off-road.

No compromise on features

With a Pop Top and three Caravan layouts to choose from, the Adventurer is built strong and equipped for comfort and effortless enjoyment. With standard features that include a fully equipped internal and external kitchen, airconditioning, designer leather upholstery, and roll out awning..

Travel smoother & safer with JTECH suspension

Developed after an extensive two year testing program covering thousands of kilometres on second class roads, JTECH suspension has been designed specifically to keep your Jayco strong and safe under harsh Australian conditions. Delivering greater stability, a smoother ride, more precise handling and increased ground clearance without increased ride height, it makes towing easier than ever before.


Choose a floor plan below to view the layout and take a virtual tour inside your Jayco

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Jayco allow an amount of additional weight (Carrying load) for each individual unit in addition to the Tare Weight. This ‘Carrying load’ is for the customers personal items and can be made up of ‘any’ additional weight they propose to load the unit up of. ie water, food, clothes etc. The towball and tare weight is only a guide and will change depending on accessories which are fitted to your van. It is advisable to discuss with your Jayco representative.


Add a personal touch to your Jayco RV with a choice of quality finishes

Black / Silver Stitch (Standard)
Sand Beige / Brown Stitch (Standard)
Orion / Gray Stitch (Standard)
Mink / Brown Stitch (Standard)
Gray / Orion Stitch (Standard)
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