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Experience freedom in Australia’s most popular RV

Owning a Jayco Camper Trailer is practically an Australian tradition for young families. Your ticket to the simple joys of a holiday along the coast, by a river somewhere, or deep in the great outdoors, this ideal first RV will become a much-loved source of cherished lifelong memories. Choose from five floor plans – the smallest sleeps three, while the largest accommodates as many as eight.

Chosen by more Australians

If you’ve been dreaming of an RV holiday, let the Jayco Camper Trailer make your introduction. Holidays should be simple – this van is small to tow, easy to set up, and big to live in. And while it is an ideal first van, seasoned veterans still swear by the Jayco Swan – the RV owned by more Australians than any other.

All the features you need

Your Jayco Camper Trailer comes with all the essentials you and your family will need for a comfortable, fun-filled holiday. You’ll love your queen-sized bed, Euro Style furniture, convenient kitchen and dining, 3-way fridge, comfortable high-resilience foam seating for years of comfort and support and ample storage space. More than a few owners keep their Jayco set up in the backyard for weekends and sleepovers.

Light, low and easy to tow

Glide down the highway and zip into your garage with an RV that is compact, lightweight and flexible. You’ll never be held back from your quick trip away. Tyres are inflated with nitrogen – not everyday air – reducing fuel usage, tyre wear and the risk of blow outs. Storage is simplified and towing just isn’t an issue. Your regular sedan will have no problem with a Jayco Camper Trailer. No 4WD required.

Simple to set up

Ask a Jayco RV owner and they’ll tell you how much they love the quick and easy set up and pack up of their Jayco Camper Trailer. Our patented roof lifter system minimises winding effort, eliminates slippage, maximises stability and is fully enclosed to prevent damage and comes with a lifetime warranty (winch only) to the original owner. Just park, wind the roof, extend the beds, and your home is ready for living – wherever you are.

Design and construction

Our Camper Trailers are built with the Jayco Maxiframe. This quad-layer wall construction technology is both stronger and lighter than those of conventional ‘timber & tin’ aluminium clad RVs. The tent section is made of high quality, Australian made Bradmill canvas, computer cut for accuracy and double-stitched for longevity. The one-piece fiberglass roof is interlocked in position for added strength, and features protective corner moulds and extruded, powder-coated sidewalls with an in-built annexe track.

Customise your own

Our Camper Trailer comes with everything you need, but that doesn’t mean you can’t customise your Jayco for that extra luxury and convenience. With Jayco’s range of optional extras, you’ll be the envy of the caravan park. Imagine a slide-out BBQ for your outdoor picnic, a refreshing shower after the beach or even a solar pack for power on the go. The choices are there, just waiting for you.

Australian Manufactured Camper Trailer Guild

Jayco is a member of the Australian Manfactured Camper Trailer Guild (AMCTG), established in 2011 and only includes Australian industry leaders of Camper Trailer Manufacturing. All members are subjected to engineering compliance for Australian Standards and also confirm that their complete manufacturing process in conducted in Australia with the very best of materials.

Travel smoother & safer with JTECH suspension

Developed after an extensive two year testing program covering thousands of kilometres on second class roads, JTECH suspension has been designed specifically to keep your Jayco strong and safe under harsh Australian conditions. Delivering greater stability, a smoother ride, more precise handling and increased ground clearance without increased ride height, it makes towing easier than ever before.

The Jayco Outback Package

If your inner explorer wants to take on the road less travelled, go for the Outback upgrade. The Outback package gives your Camper Trailer more added strength and clearance for towing in rugged conditions, as well as other bonus features. Each model of Jayco Camper Trailer comes with the option to upgrade to Outback for an improved off-road experience.

To determine which package best suits your needs, review Outback and Non-Outback model features for our Camper Trailer.

Watch this short video to see why the Jayco Camper Trailer is Australia's most popular recreational vehicle. Preview the benefits of the RV lifestyle and the exciting features of modern RV's as Angie takes us on a walk-through of the Jayco Swan.


Choose a floor plan below to view the layout and take a virtual tour inside your Jayco

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Jayco allow an amount of additional weight (Carrying Load) for each individual unit manufactured above the initial manufactured Tare Weight of the unit. This ‘Carrying Load’ is for the customers individual weight requirements and can be made up of ‘any’ additional weight they propose to load the unit up of. ie water, food, clothes etc. The standard unit carrying load Jayco applies is: Single Axle; 300kg. Outback travel heights increase by 250mm. The tare and tow ball weight is only a guide and will change depending on accessories which are fitted to your van. it is advisable to discuss with your Jayco representative.


Add a personal touch to your Jayco RV with a choice of quality finishes

Arica Shapes / Oslo Zinc
Thomas Eggplant / Aspire Eggplant
Link / Oslo Zinc
Kosciuszko / Oslo Chestnut
Oslo Zinc
Oslo Chestnut
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