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The RV that keeps up with you

Part caravan, part mobile garage, the Jayco Toy Hauler travels where you want, when you want, with all the gear you want – and still spoils up to eight people with all the comforts of home.

Superior storage space

The holidaymaker with a lot of equipment needs an RV with unparalleled storage space. With the living area at the front of the Jayco Toy Hauler, the back is a 'garage' for your gear. Over 11 cubic metres of storage means enough room to bring along dirt bikes, mountain bikes, go carts, or surfboards, just to name a few. Whatever your activity, this RV accommodates your lifestyle.

Complete living features

You’re going to need to unwind after an adrenaline-fueled day. You need to be able to return to base where you can rest and recuperate. Somewhere you can stretch your legs. Enter the Jayco Toy Hauler. Wash off the grime in your own shower, prepare a hearty meal in your fully featured kitchen, and then fall into your comfy bed. The kids are in their bunks, dreaming of the fun to come. This is a holiday without compare.

Personalise your Toy Hauler

The Jayco Toy Hauler is the kind of RV that our customers like to modify to suit their lifestyle. Choose from several different layouts that alter the van based on what you need. Add on some optional extras that improve the already impressive feature range of the van, including Sphere LED TV/DVD combo, external entertainment unit, tables, external shower and Fusion stereo with external speakers.

Travel smoother & safer with JTECH suspension

Developed after an extensive two year testing program covering thousands of kilometres on second class roads, JTECH suspension has been designed specifically to keep your Jayco strong and safe under harsh Australian conditions. Delivering greater stability, a smoother ride, more precise handling and increased ground clearance without increased ride height, it makes towing easier than ever before.

The Jayco Outback Package

If your inner explorer wants to take on the road less travelled, go for the Outback upgrade. The Outback package gives your Toy Hauler more added strength and clearance for towing in rugged conditions, as well as other bonus features. Each model of Jayco Toy Hauler comes with the option to upgrade to Outback for an improved off-road experience.

To determine which package best suits your needs, review Outback and Non-Outback model features for our Basestation.




* Pricing is based on a standard 2018 model. Drive away price is inclusive of all on road costs. Additional weight tax may apply for NSW registered vehicles.