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Bigger doesn’t always mean better – why compact RVs are a big deal

8th Sep 2020

While most of the time size does matter, sometimes you need the ability to hit the road on impulse, in smaller numbers, for a short break in no nonsense (but no less adventurous) style.

Jayco’s equally comprehensive compact RV range really does hit that mark, making this type of spontaneity pleasingly possible from the get-go.

From cozy J-Pods to small Pop Tops and light and easy Camper Trailers, we’re going to demonstrate why compact RVs are such a big deal and why smaller is sometimes smarter when it comes to recreational vehicles.

Greater fuel efficiency

Due to their comparatively lighter weight and lower ride height, compact RVs pave the road to fuel efficiency.

The lower ride height of the Jayco Touring Starcraft Pop Top model for instance makes it particularly efficient. The Jayco Penguin Camper Trailer is pleasingly light (and low) on its feet too. However, the compact J-Pod models are our lightest RV range, with a tare weight starting at just 790kg for maximum efficiency.

The lighter load really makes a world of difference to the fuel consumption of your towing vehicle. Speaking of which…

Smaller towing vehicle

Sometimes simple and easy towing is the order of the day, particularly if you don’t have a large family in tow, (excuse the intended pun). Compact RVs are the perfect ‘no worries’ getaway solution and generally can be towed with a small to middle-sized SUV.
This is certainly the case with the Jayco Penguin Camper Trailer that is ideal for couples with one child. It comes in Touring or Outback models both of which are easy to tow. The same goes with our small and versatile Swift Camper Trailer – perfect for small families of up to four.

Welcoming the younger generation into the RV arena is our previously mentioned, beautifully designed compact J-Pod range, (available in Sport and Outback models). With that starting tare weight of just 790kg, it makes the RV compatible with an average-sized sedan or small SUV.

Easier set up

Setting things up when you arrive at your holiday destination can be time consuming. Sometimes, understandably, all you want to do is arrive and unwind. Fortunately, this is another advantage of compact RVs, which generally speaking require little to no setup.

Having a pop-up roof means our futuristic Starcraft Pop Top is easier to store but equally easy to set up and pack up too. Like so many of our models it comes in two appealing ranges: the highway friendly Touring and the more off the beaten track ready Bushpack. Both of these models come with two compact floor plans, (single or double bed configuration) which are perfect for downsizing couples.

Little to no set up is another hallmark of our previously mentioned Penguin Camper Trailer. It’s pleasingly unique compared to other Camper Trailers in our range, as it has no pullout beds. Instead, with the included double bed, it’s simply a case of unclipping the latches, winding up the roof and away you go.

If you want a real easy set up once again you can’t go wrong with our J-Pod range, which were designed with freedom and spontaneity in mind. Both the Sport and Outback models come with external slide-out kitchens and the option of an attachable tent to make up another outdoor room. Too easy!

Surprisingly spacious

You may read ‘compact’ and instantly think ‘small’. However, this isn’t always the case with a Jayco RV.

Take our family friendly Swan Camper Trailer, which matches many full-sized caravans in terms of space. The ability to sleep up to seven in a camper trailer may be unthinkable to some but it’s plausible with the Swan. This is thanks to its unique ‘swan like’ folding out bed compartments. There’s also a generous sized kitchen, large dining area and plenty of storage space to ensure you have everything you need on your adventure.

With the ability to sleep up to four adults and two children, the Jayco Eagle Camper Trailer is equally spacious. Thanks to its versatile interior layout it similarly affords generous storage space. The advantages of storage and living space expansion are always at hand with the Jayco Pop Top range – its unique designs mean they are great space savers.

Smaller to store

Another benefit of going small with an RV is that storage naturally becomes a little bit simpler. There’s no question that larger caravans and motorhomes can sometimes dominate a driveway, but if you go compact it can reduce that bulky vehicle eyesore.

An alluring aspect of our Pop Top range is that they have that compact storage capacity, while our J-Pod models are small enough to fit inside a garage or shed.

Pleasingly affordable

It might seem obvious that you pay less for something smaller but when the price tag alone suddenly makes RVing an eye-opening leisure option, then the unique appeal of owning one speaks for itself.

For under $19,000 you can start your outdoor adventuring with a J-Pod Sport, or even a handsome Swift Camper Trailer, which sleeps up to four. You can pick up a Penguin Camper Trailer for just under $25,000. While our 12ft Starcraft Pop Top starts at a very reasonable $26,690 and with comfort and style in droves it’s exceptional value for money.

All of the benefits and most of the features of a caravan for under $30K should reinforce the pleasingly affordable option of going compact with an RV.