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New vs. Used – the great debate when buying an RV

14th Sep 2020

Buying an RV is a big commitment but a positive one too because it comes with such life-affirming potential for fun, relaxation and adventure. It’s what the experience of a recreational vehicle should be all about. Therefore you need some assurances when purchasing one.

While it may be tempting to save money be looking at second-hand models, we believe that by fully realising the peace of mind benefits of investing in a brand new vehicle you’ll be deterred from ever considering a used RV again.

So, lets settle that great ‘new vs. used’ debate by exploring why it makes so much sense to choose new when buying an RV.


Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first: the all-important warranty. It should be the ultimate deal breaker when purchasing an RV. The limited statutory warranty you’ll likely get on a used vehicle means quality isn’t guaranteed. However, a new RV would come with this assurance.

With Jayco’s comprehensive 2-year manufacturing warranty, you’ll feel completely confident that your new RV will be free from defects and poor workmanship before heading off on your adventure. It’s a reassuring promise that we make to all our valued customers.

In addition, when you purchase new from Jayco we also include 5-year structural warranty coverage that provides further peace of mind. Our extensive reach of dealerships and authorised service agents, (all of which have access to Jayco’s knowledge bank and systems) undertake the repairs and delivery of parts.

Comprehensive manufacturing and structural warranty are just some of the benefits you are guaranteed with a Jayco.

Roadside assistance

At Jayco we believe in delivering a world-class customer service and this means supporting our customers when they need us most: on the journey.

Reassuringly, every one of our new RVs comes with the added benefit of 3-years Jayco Roadside Assist which guarantees customer service support and professional assistance 24/7, 365 days a year. We’re also proud to say that Jayco Roadside Assist is the sole specialised provider of emergency roadside support to RVs across Australia and that no other RV manufacturer can match us.

Again, this complimentary support is something you simply won’t be offered with a used vehicle, therefore any alternative roadside assistance would likely be an additional cost.

Buying used isn’t always that cheap

While a reduced price for a used model may seem attractive, you may be surprised to learn that you might not be saving that much.

Jayco is renowned for creating unrivalled quality and affordable recreational vehicles. Our RV prices are reassuringly competitive. In fact some of our range is so price conscious that they even compete with the used market.

Take our eye-opening Starcraft range, which is considered exceptional value for money and includes great features with comfort and style to match. You can expect to pay just $26,690 for a 12ft Touring Starcraft Pop Top for instance. While our six sleeper Starcraft Touring Caravan is unbeatable value at just $47,990.

At just $20,990 our ultimate family Lark Camper Trailer sleeps six and is so reasonable in price you’ll think that’s a typo. And our most affordable model is the J-Pod Sport at $18,990 for uncomplicated adventures.

Jayco RVs also retain their value; therefore it’s worth keeping in mind that your new Jayco has great resale potential too.

You get to customise

Buying new means you likely get the added benefit of being able to option your RV, something that is unthinkable with a used model. Optioning means being able to conveniently tailor your model to suit your circumstances. It means not simply making do with what you’ve got.

Most of our models come with modules that provide the ability to alter floor plans to accommodate your lifestyle and better personalise your RV.

Our Starcraft Caravans for instance has three different floor plans to choose from, which can sleep between three and five people. Plus there’s the possibility to option up with convenient extras like solar panels, an external shower and a washing machine.

You can easily upgrade on many other models too. For example our previously mentioned Lark Camper Trailer can be transformed to a more rugged Bush Pack model. This includes extras like an Underslung axle Suspension upgrade with shock absorbers, drop jacks, protective side checkerplate and an 8” Jockey wheel, amongst other features. All of which will ensure you’ll be properly prepared for your adventures.

Obviously none of this would be possible if you purchased a used model, as you would be stuck with the layout and features used by the previous owner.

Quality is guaranteed

It’s a point we already touched upon earlier but we feel it needs to be reiterated: quality is a guarantee when you purchase a first-hand RV.

When you buy new everything is transparent. You know that there isn’t any secret off the beaten track history or damage that your RV may be hiding. That there are no leaks, stains, rusty or loose parts or any other perhaps carefully concealed impairment. It’s a brand new squeaky-clean vehicle that’s ready for fresh adventures. This also means unforeseen problems are minimised for that quality assurance.

Finance options

While paying more for a new model might appear to be a daunting prospect, there are often finance options to soften the blow and make that RVing dream a reality.

Jayco Financial Services has a range of flexible finance options that are tailored to meet the individual needs of our customers. We offer flexible loan terms, competitive interest rates, along with no obligation quotes that can be discussed with our dedicated customer service team. It’s a great stepping-stone to your RV adventures.
If you’re in Australia, you can contact us today at 1800 865 262


When it comes down to it there are pros and cons on either side of the ‘new vs. used’ RV purchasing debate. It all comes down to your own individual needs and budgetary requirements. How often you’ll be using your RV will certainly factor in here too. However, we believe the positive peace of mind benefits outweigh the negatives when buying a brand new RV.

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